The Evolution of The Witcher: A Look at the Changes in the Show’s Visuals

Published 01/16/2022, 9:30 AM EST

It was Charles Darwin who gave us the theory of evolution, a theory that confirmed that everything changes with time; developing into something better. Little did we know we will apply this theory to talk about Netflix’s The Witcher. It is almost a month since the second season of the fantasy drama was released for us, and even today we are in awe of its beauty.

Let us take this opportunity and just have a walk down memory lane. Let us drive back to 2019, to The Witcher Season 1 on Netflix, and see how far we have come from there. And I must remind you that everything has changed on The Continent, and with Jaskier, Ciri, Yen, and of course, our very own Geralt of Rivia.

How Yennefer has developed in The Witcher


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First and foremost, we ought to talk about the most powerful mage to have ever come out of Aretuza. The first season saw Yennefer transform from an ill-figured girl into a beautiful woman who controlled the chaos like it was child’s play. She went from being a power-hungry woman, who was out to take whatever she desired, to a considerate friend, and possibly a mother figure, for Ciri.

And the creators showed this entire development exquisitely with the change in visuals of the show. Yen went from being a fierce figure to someone who looks a little troubled and in pain, which signifies the trouble she has gone through following the Battle of Sodden Hill. She even regained her magic at the end of the season.


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Ciri found a new self in the second season

The creators primarily focused on Ciri in the second season of The Witcher. As it is pretty clear, the Lion Cob of Cintra is the focal point of everything that goes on on The Continent. We saw some really great visuals involving Cirilla, which were more beautiful and intriguing compared to what we saw in the first season.

Ciri looks completely different from what she looked like in the first season of the Netflix Original. So much so that many fans believed she was not the same actor. This tells us enough about the alluring quality of visuals we witnessed in the new season of The Witcher.


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Other notable changes include Triss Merigold, Jaskier, and Yen’s ex-lover Istredd.


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This is definitely not the last time we will talk about the development of The Witcher seasons; the plan is to have at least 7 seasons of the show.

What are your thoughts on The Witcher Season 2? Do you think season 3 can outdo it?



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