7 Geralt Moments Featuring Henry Cavill That Makes It Hard for Fans to Accept Liam Hemsworth as the Next Witcher

Published 07/25/2023, 6:00 AM EDT

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It was the most devastating day for the fans when Henry Cavill announced his departure from The Witcher. After the British actor appears in the season 3 finale for the last time as the remarkable character, Liam Hemsworth will take over the swords and medallion from season 4. Although a handful of fans along with the cast members are excited about the Hemsworth takeover, a wide range of fandom is still finding it hard to let the English actor go.

Cavill embodied the character of Geralt with everything that he had. Being a fan of books and video games, the star understood Geralt’s innermost psyche and made the perfect Geralt for the Netflix Original. Now, when The Tudors actor has announced his departure from his passion project, fans can not get over these moments created by Cavill’s Geralt.

7 beautiful moments featuring Henry Cavill that are making it hard for fans to welcome the Australian actor


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Butcher of Blaviken

The very first season of the Netflix drama saw one of the most iconic fights of Geralt against Renfri. While attempting to stop Renfri from killing Stregobor, Geralt slid into a huge fight with Renfri’s men. By killing all men coming at him, Geralt ended up taking Renfri’s life as well. As Geralt left the town after killing everyone in the fight, his name started to go around the entire Continent.

While the episode certainly opened with a monster fight, this fight scene is what truly established Cavill as Geralt. This scene is one of the most iconic moments in Geralt’s story. This was also the moment where the actor displayed his swordsman skills that makes Geralt so formidable.

“You are already enough” moment with Ciri

Amidst the most memorable moments of Geralt and Ciri, Geralt comforting his Child Surprise is one of the most beautiful moments. In the fifth episode of the second season, Cirilla was extremely vulnerable. She expressed her wish to be like the Witcher to fight. After the battle at Sodden Hill, there was a lot going on.

Princess Cirilla was staying with Geralt at Kaer Morhen, where she had a deal with Vesemir. Ciri wanted to turn into Witcher, but Geralt stopped Vesemir and told his child surprise, “You are already enough, Cirilla. You are extraordinary.” Geralt made Ciri understand no one could change who they are. However, what they could do is kill the hatred that they may hold on to and move on. “We can’t kill our feelings,” the statement revealed Geralt was not only the stone-hearted killer. This scene exposed Geralt’s protective feelings for his adopted child.

Meeting Ciri for the first time, that long hug

Despite being away from his destiny throughout his life, Geralt could not change it, nor could anyone else. The most heart-winning moment from the first season of the show was when Geralt finally met Ciri and they both shared a long, warm hug. In the very first episode, Renfri told Geralt, “The girl in the woods will be with you always. She is your destiny,” which made him think about it.


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After hearing two men talking about the girl in the woods, finally Geralt turned toward Ciri. This scene stays rent-free in fans’ hearts because Cavill’s expressions of shock and relief exposed Geralt’s totally hidden side. Starting their journey together from that point onwards, Geralt and Ciri developed a strong bond.

Henry Cavill vs Striga

The fight with a human turned into a monster, Striga, proved Geralt as the toughest Witcher. In the first season, Geralt fought all night with this Striga who was King Foltest’s daughter, Adda the White. Even before she was born, she was cursed. The reason Geralt had to fight her at night is that she only came out in the dark to eat and lived in a sarcophagus during the day.

With his intelligence, Geralt fought her all night and finally defeated the monster. During this fight, he almost got himself killed as well. Nevertheless, he did solve the King’s problem and freed the monster. This scene became iconic because viewers got to see the Man of Steel actor embracing his arc to the fullest.

Defending Urcheon at the Banquet

The Law of Surprise has played a crucial role in Geralt’s destiny. When Queen Calanthe of Cintra hosted a banquet to find the perfect suitor for her daughter Pavetta, her love interest stormed into the hall. He was Lord Urcheon who was under a curse and had come to claim his Law of Surprise.

Owing to the curse, his appearance was porcupine-like which made Queen Calanthe order Geralt to kill Lord Urcheon. However, Geralt knew Lord Urcheon was under a curse and thus, he did not follow the order. While the guards disarmed Lord Urcheon and were about to kill him, Geralt saved him by chopping the axe in half. This scene reflected Geralt’s unwavering morals.

The kiss with Yennefer on the dragon hunt

The second season’s episode 5 saw Geralt, Yennefer, Jaskier, two Zerrikanian warriors, Téa and Véa, Borch Three Jackdaws, and others going on a hunt. Borch’s true intention was to bring Geralt to protect the egg. While going through a rough journey to the cave where the dragon with its egg rested, Geralt and Yennefer indulged in an argument.

Fighting their differences throughout the way, when they finally reached the cave, Geralt learned the truth about Borch’s intentions. Meanwhile, when others come to take the egg, Geralt and Yennefer share a passionate kiss while saving it during the fight. This scene firmly established Geralt and Yennefer’s true feelings for each other. Cavill’s Geralt is not only a monster killer, father figure, or fighter but also a romantic suitor.


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Confession of love to Yennefer


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The second season saw Yennefer betraying Geralt by taking Ciri away in the disguise of protecting her. After that, it seemed Geralt and Yennefer would never find their way back to each other. However, because Ciri would need help from a powerful mage to control her magical powers, Geralt had no choice but to accept Yennefer’s help. In the first volume of season 3, Yennefer’s constant and loyal attempts made Geralt believe in her once again.

Right after exposing Stregobor, everyone came back to the hall where Tissaia made a toast in the name of Yennefer. Amidst the celebration, Geralt confessed his love for Yennefer of Vengerberg. As soon as they held each other’s hands, making their way to the dance floor, Geralt took a deep look at Yennefer and confessed his love.


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While marking his final run as this significantly memorable character, Cavill’s Geralt had this perfect moment expressing his love.

Apart from all these moments, there are certainly many more moments that will forever have the Mission: Impossible star’s mark. While waiting for the season 3 finale, tell us which is your favorite Henry Cavill Geralt moment in the comments below.



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