“[Richard Nixon] Didn’t Like Loud Women”, Reveals ‘The Martha Mitchell Effect’ Netflix Documentary and Martha Always Said a Mouthful

Published 05/24/2022, 11:30 AM EDT

Just imagine a woman who is not afraid of anything and anyone. A woman who is outspoken, fearless, strong, and confident. A woman who always speaks her mind and holds nothing back. Now, imagine that woman to be of rank and living in early 1900s America. America was power-hungry then and was rapidly progressing. The government of America was working diplomatically and swiftly to make progress in every field possible.

Though women were a bit more progressive and liberated than in earlier times, men still did not approve of women being politically and publically engaged. Netflix has thrown light on one such woman who was a theater to the whole American government of the time: Martha Mitchell through its latest documentary.

What is the Martha Mitchell Effect?


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The Martha Mitchell Effect is a documentary about Martha Mitchell, who was a great threat to the conspiracies of the US government then. She was the wife of the then-Attorney General (under President Nixon) John N. Mitchell who was involved in the Watergate Scandal.

Martha knew that there was something going on in the White House and thus, she started asking questions and talking about it publically. Her questions and public appearances threatened the Nixon office.

Eventually, the culprits tried to shut Martha’s mouth through crooked actions and declared that Martha was mentally unstable. In an interview with David Frost in 1974, she talks about the scandal and she still couldn’t believe whatever had happened to her.

Martha became the Voice of Silent America

Since Martha Mitchell belonged to a status of higher rank, people would listen to whatever she said, especially about the Nixon government. Many reporters have interviewed her and they loved her because she was the strongest source of information for them.

“But I do say what I please.” -Martha Mitchell 

This statement by the lady herself explains her being loud. And Richard Nixon didn’t appreciate loud women.


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She was a woman of opinions and her ability to speak the truth mesmerized the people of America. Soon the investigations began and the truth started unravelling. Citizens of America protested, and eventually, by the order of the law, Richard Nixon became the first US President to have resigned from the office.

Astonishingly, this whole incident of Martha attracted psychological studies as well. This case became a case study, and they developed theories as well.


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With an illustrious woman as the subject, certainly, The Martha Mitchell Effect is worth a watch. Have you streamed it yet?


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