Netflix Leaves Its Subscribers Baffled as Password Sharing Tests Begin in THIS Country

Published 06/06/2022, 8:30 PM EDT

The time and day is finally here! Ever since Netflix released the news about the updated terms and conditions for Password Sharing. Everyone wanted to know the modus operandi that the streaming giant would be adopting. And now, after almost three months of anxious waiting, Netflix has begun its initial testing.

Initial reactions from the test country have been pouring in, and it’s exactly what everyone was expecting. Let us see what the people are saying about Netflix’s new password-sharing policy.

People don’t seem to understand the new Netflix Password Sharing model


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Netflix has had a rocky road recently, according to a new report. And the revelation that it will charge for password sharing hasn’t gone as smoothly as it might have anticipated.

Subscribers in Peru who opted into new password-sharing limitations expressed frustration over Netflix’s ambiguous definition of “household,” and the lack of clarity surrounding the various costs levied on them.

Following Netflix’s March announcement that customers in Peru, as well as Chile and Costa Rica, would be charged extra if they shared their account credentials outside their residences. Rest of World conducted an informal survey of more than a dozen Netflix members in Peru.

Netflix’s lowest revenue per user is in Central and South America, which helps to explain the markets’ choices.

Even though Netflix let the people know of the new policy in March. The majority of respondents surveyed by Rest of World in Peru stated they have yet to get uniform messaging about the new costs.

As a result of the price increase, some Netflix subscribers have canceled their subscriptions. Others, on the other hand, stated that they were able to transfer their accounts across households without incurring any additional fees because they ignored the warning about the new policy.


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According to Rest of World, if a customer called in to complain that a member of their immediate household was using the account from a different area. The rep was told to tell them that person could proceed to use the account via a verification code without incurring any additional charges.


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This essentially meant that anyone who called in for help may disregard the new policy. Members of their team, according to the rep, also did not completely understand the new model and found it confusing.


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As this was a test of the new policy, it is natural that these issues are coming up. In fact, the whole objective was to weed out issues.

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