Netflix Streaming ‘Titanic’ Just a Week After the Latest OceanGate Implosion Horror Makes Waves Amidst Agitated Fans

Published 06/25/2023, 12:30 PM EDT

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The movies know the chemistry, and Netflix knows the business. And although sometimes things might not sound sane to the viewers, it is the same audience that runs the platform. The American steamer exactly knows how to strike when the iron is hot and the flames have always drifted in its favor. But things seem to be not as pleasing this time around. The legendary real-life-based romantic tragedy that is Titanic will be hitting our screens in a couple of days. However, this Netflix revival seems to have caused a negative stir among the viewers, given the latest Titan tragedy that has horrified the whole world. 

The heart-wrenching classical romance set against the ill-fated maiden voyage of the ‘unsinkable’ ocean giant has undoubtedly been a timeless favorite for generations since its release. Although a tragedy, we never mind religiously wiping our tears off to the immortal love story of Jack and Rose that breathed it last beneath the harrowing starlit night in the chills of the Atlantic. However, never did we think that the return of such a masterpiece would be frowned upon by the masses. 


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But what exactly is the fuss all about? The inept timing, it would seem.

The wreckage of the RMS Titanic that looms still in the darkness of the Atlantic invited yet another OceanGate expedition that resulted in a deep sea tragedy. The Titan submersible that carried the five explorers on board went missing on Sunday the 18th of June, 9:45 am ET. 

It gave the first signs of the impending horror when the Titan failed to appear at the scheduled time following the Titanic wreckage voyage. The reckless US search mission that soon turned into a big international rescue operation did no good hours into the mission. Lastly, on the 22nd of June, the debris, consistent with the Titan submersible, pointed towards a “catastrophic implosion” with the five explorers on board declared dead. 

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With such a catastrophe having befallen the masses, the revival of the RMS Titanic tragedy to the US streamer has thus raised the eyebrows up to the ceilings. 

Fans evidently unhappy with the return of Titanic to Netflix library

Users have taken to social media platforms to downright troll the streamer for the time-sensitive gesture. With no official reports of the reason behind the revival, unhappy netizens have expressed their resentment toward the “money-making move”. Many of them on Twitter have even named it a race to stay afloat after Spotify had a field day with the surge in the Celine Dion’s ‘My Heart Will Go On’ listeners. 

Twitterati called out the OTT platform for turning everything into a profitable idea for themselves. One of them even took note of how Netflix released Dahmer when the family of the real-life victim was not in favor of it.


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All in all, reactions have not shown any sign of excitement thus far. Amidst the fuss, James Cameron, the Oscar-winning director of the masterpiece, was declared “a marketing genius.” Another made a savvy pun, expressing how we, as mankind, have really hit the bottom.


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What is your take on the matter? How do you feel about the entire mishap followed by Netflix’s revival game? Let us know in the comments below. 




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