“Lucifer is waiting for Morpheus” – What to Expect From ‘The Sandman’ Season 2?

Published 11/03/2022, 10:30 AM EDT

Neil Gaiman strived to get his comic book adapted for television for years until Netflix came along. But his patience and years of waiting paid off. Released in August, the series garnered 69.5 million views in its debut week and then saw the numbers double to 127.5 million in the second week. For weeks the show occupied the top 5 ranks. However, despite the numbers, it pulled fans who were a little worried about the status of the show. Now according to the latest reports, Netflix has greenlit The Sandman for season 2!


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Since we have yet more to explore with the Dream of the Endless, fans are already speculating what they can expect from the second installment. 


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Expectations of fans from The Sandman season 2

Since the series adapted two volumes in the first season, fans are expecting the series to follow the same formula for the next. One can’t wait for the adaptation of Season of Mists!

Hob Gadling was a fan favorite!


Another can’t wait for another epic showdown between Dream and Lucifer.

An Endless family meal is surely due.


Rochez also expects to see Delirium.

What to expect from the second installment?


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As mentioned above, it is likely to adapt Season of Mists where we will once again meet the Endless. Destiny might make an appearance too. With the last episode of The Sandman ending with Lucifer’s scheme for making Morpheus pay for the humiliation, the latter will likely find himself in a precarious position in the next installment. As Lucifer leaves his realm empty and for Dream to rule as revenge, Dream will soon become a target of the various Lords and Demons who are vying for the empty throne. 

A Game of You follows Season of Mists which focuses on the story of Barbie one of Hal’s tenants living in The Land with her companion Martin Tenbones. Barbie is a fascinating tale that involves talking animals and darker elements like severed heads!


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Are you excited about the second season of The Sandman show? 



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