Literal “Sweet” Surprises Await ‘Stranger Things’ Fans Before Season 5 Release – Feast On!

Published 09/01/2023, 2:49 PM EDT

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The creators of Stranger Things have teased the show’s eager fans with plenty of sneak peeks from its fifth and final season. Especially since this season bids farewell to their beloved Hawkins town characters, there is a sense of bittersweet anticipation in the air. Even as the Upside Down world expands with spin-offs and comics, fans are still dismayed by the upcoming season’s delays. To make up for this, the creators have rewarded fans’ patience with a delectable treat.

A special place that was introduced back in season 3 will now take center stage in the series’ newly revived products. After a series of collectibles and clothing lines, the show has now treated fans to a literal treat!

Scoops Ahoy is back!


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As a tribute to the shop where Robin Buckley and Steve Harrington worked, the series launched a line of ice creams under the Scoops Ahoy label in 2019. Now Netflix Life reports that renewing the line of delicious gelatos, they have returned with 7 new flavors. And these lip-smacking desserts have already been made available nationwide through Walmart.



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Although the ice cream was only initially available at select locations like Seattle’s Stranger Things Experience, Walmart’s takeover is going to change that. Now fans can simply pop into their nearest store to grab their favorite Scoops Ahoy flavor. Moreover, the sweet treat’s launch is perfectly timed considering the nearing Halloween night. 

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Although nobody will want to give away such treasured sweets to trick-or-treaters, some might want to grab the occasion of Halloween to flaunt the hit series’ latest merch! 

New Halloween Horror Nights special Stranger Things merch

In preparation for the Halloween-themed event that occurs annually at Universal Studios, Stranger Things just dropped some exciting new collectibles. These included some stylish jackets and T-shirts. For those who prefer merch decor over clothing, the collection also includes mugs, posters, and keychains. 


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For the many fans whose hearts were heavy with season 5 delay, these new products come as a delightful surprise. And if the horror-themed new gear does not do the trick, they could always grab a pint of a Scoops Ahoy ice cream and snack the pain away!


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Have you tried the new flavors of Scoops Ahoy ice cream from Stranger Things? If so, tell us your favorite flavor in the comments!



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