“I Screwed Up A Little”: When Ryan Reynolds Revealed How His Decision Upset His Daughter

Published 08/31/2022, 3:30 PM EDT

Ryan Reynolds has done numerous movies and tv shows over the decade. Naturally, he has to travel to different parts of the world to shoot his films. One such film was Netflix’s action thriller 6 Underground. A major part of the movie was filmed in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The Deadpool Star shot a huge sequence and the filming went on for over 6 weeks. As a result, Reynolds also spent some time in Abu Dhabi with his family. But in those six weeks, Ryan did something very unusual.

In recent times, Ryan Reynolds has become one of Netflix’s go-to actors and the streamer has featured him in various movies over the past few years. However, while shooting 6 Underground, Ryan did one simple thing which nearly ruined the movie and also upset his daughter.

What did Ryan Reynolds do?


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It is no surprise that filming can be an exhausting process. Usually shooting a sequence perfectly can take weeks and sometimes, even months. Although, over that period it is necessary to maintain the continuity and consistency of the film.  But, while shooting an important scene for 6 Underground Ryan Reynolds took a weird haircut.


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Moreover, Reynolds had to wear a hat in the last portion of the movie which is why he made a weird decision. In an interview, Reynolds revealed that the haircut was so bizarre that even Reynolds’s daughter was upset.

“I had bit off time and got to kind of cruise around. In the last portion of the movie, I’m wearing a hat the whole time. I screwed up a little bit because I went to a barber in like, a strip mall there. I thought I may as well get a dreadful haircut” said the Free Guy actor.

He further said, “It looked like somebody had cut my hair with a loofah. Like they just sort of, like, rubbed it off.” Adding more about how all of it happened, he said, “It was really horrible. It was sort of fun. You know, I liked sort of having it for a minute. My daughter was upset.

Ryan celebrated Thanksgiving in Abu Dhabi

All in all, Ryan loved being in Abu Dhabi. Ryan also got to spend some quality time with his family. “We got around and looked around and absorbed as much of the place as we could” revealed Reynolds. He was there with his wife, Blake and two children.


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6 Underground

American filmmaker Michael Bay is the director of the movie. Known for his big-budget, high-concept action films, Michael’s 6 underground is no exception.6 Underground is a solid action movie and also one of the most expensive Netflix originals ever made.


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Ryan Reynolds shared a video from the shoot on Instagram with 2 cars crashing in the background. The film also features Now You See Me, actress  Mélanie Laurent and 24: Legacy actor Corey Hawkins.

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