“I mean this with some humility…” – Throwback to When Ryan Reynolds Revealed His Experience of Filming Alongside Triple H on ‘Blade: Trinity’

Published 03/05/2023, 10:30 AM EST

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Over the years, we have witnessed Ryan Reynolds become a household name around the world. While the actor’s popularity skyrocketed after his role in Deadpool, we all know how long of a career Reynolds has had. Fans are no strangers to the fact that the actor has given some memorable films such as Deadpool and the Free Guy. However, there are a number of projects by the actor that are not talked about as much. One such film is the 2004 action horror Blade: Trinity. It was back then when Ryan Reynolds worked alongside Paul Michael Levesque a.k.a. Triple H for the first time. And, it seems like Reynolds had quite a time working alongside the actor. Soon after the movie, the Deadpool star opened up about his experience filming alongside the WWE Moghul in an interview.


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Premiered back in 2004, Blade: Trinity took the audience through a war between humans and vampires. The film was jam-packed with action and fight scenes enough to leave the fans at the edge of their seats. And one of the most iconic battles was between Reynolds’ Hannibal King and Levesque’s Jarko Grimwood. During an interview, Reynolds revealed how many times he was flung around by Triple H during their scene. Speaking to MovieWeb in 2004, the actor revealed, “All of it. I mean this with some humility, but we got in such shape that they couldn’t find stuntmen that looked like us.” Furthermore, the actor also revealed some interesting details about the film.



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Elsewhere in the interview, Reynolds spoke about how he had no restrictions when it came to his diet. Interestingly, the creators specifically asked Reynolds to eat as much as he can. Meanwhile, Reynolds also had a hilarious way of describing his time-fighting Triple H in the movie. The actor revealed, “Its Fantastic” as he went on to speak about how it was character-building for Triple H while it was painful for him.

What advice did Triple H and Wesley Snipes give Ryan Reynolds on set?

Both Triple H and Wesley Snipes were seniors to Reynolds when they were filming Blade: Trinity. However, the duo did not give Reynolds any wise advice. As per Reynolds, the first thing they told him on the set was, “Stay the f*ck out of my way.”


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Furthermore, it was the last time we saw Reynolds work alongside Triple H. Have you watched Blade: Trinity? Do let us know in the comments below.



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