Have Doubts on Liam Hemsworth’s Stint as the Geralt in Place of Henry Cavill? This Film Unveils His ‘The Witcher’ Ready Potential

Published 08/15/2023, 7:30 AM EDT

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Among the trio of Hemsworth brothers, Chris Hemsworth shines brightest in his iconic role as Thor. Meanwhile, Liam Hemsworth boasts a reputation for romantic genre roles, a distinct image he brings to the table. The internet erupted in a whirlwind of emotions when news spread that he would step into the shoes of Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia. The sentiment of fans yearning for Cavill to exclusively embody their cherished Geralt adds another layer to the tale.

However, there is a captivating twist that might quell any uncertainties. Hemsworth’s movie in 2020 has the potential to showcase his ability to flawlessly step into the shoes of Geralt of Rivia.

Unlocking Hemsworth’s Geralt potential in place of Henry Cavill

The news of Cavill’s departure from The Witcher universe sent shockwaves through the internet. So much so that Netflix had to pull off a desperate attempt to save his last stint. This sense of letdown cast a shadow over Hemsworth’s subsequent announcement of stepping into Cavill’s shoes. The British actor’s near-flawless portrayal of Geralt etched a remarkable image of the character. However, Hemsworth’s 2020 movie offers a glimpse of his potential to embody the Witcher role with finesse. Departing from his romantic and action genre, Hemsworth delved into a new realm with his 2020 crime thriller, Arkansas, showcasing his versatility and paving the way for his embodiment of Geralt.

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Liam Hemsworth, occasionally referred to as the ‘lesser Hemsworth’ in light of his brother Chris Hemsworth’s soaring achievements, found himself pigeonholed. His setbacks in films like Independence Day: Resurgence and The Last Song seemed to be working against him. However, his portrayal of Kyle Ribb in a considerably darker role exhibited facets of him marked by depravity and a sense of seriousness. This exhibits a quality that could be impeccably harnessed to embody Geralt in The Witcher.

Now, let’s delve into what the movie is all about that positions the Hunger Games actor as the ideal representation of Geralt.

Unveiling the plot of the 2020 crime thriller

Clark Duke’s directorial debut, Arkansas, defied expectations. Known for comedic roles, Duke delivered a dark crime comedy that draws from the Coen Brothers’ finesse and 1990s Elmore Leonard adaptations. Liam Hemsworth took the lead as Kyle Ribb, a young drug dealer tasked with transporting contraband for drug lord Frog (Vince Vaughn). Amidst quirky local customs, Kyle and partner Swin Horn (Duke himself) dodged law enforcement’s watchful eye.

Despite the film’s dark tone, it had comedic ties. Swin’s eccentricity, combined with the actors’ unique deliveries, generated dark humor. In contrast, Hemsworth’s portrayal of Kyle remained chillingly serious. As negotiations unfold, he exuded menace while Swin employed charm. This dynamic could have gone awry, but Hemsworth’s credible threats and unwavering seriousness kept him on the right track. This became glaringly evident when Kyle committed a shocking murder to protect their operation.

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