From Will Smith Oscars Slap, Harry-Meghan vs Royals to Johnny Depp-Amber Heard Suit – 5 Controversies That Toppled Hollywood

Published 12/30/2022, 7:00 AM EST

2022 was a rollercoaster year for all of us, but also for the pillars of the Hollywood community. While this year the Hollywood industry presented wonders at the work front with masterpieces such as Avatar: The Way of Water, Top Gun: Maverick, House of the Dragon, and Stranger Things Season 4, the industry gave a very entertaining performance even after taking out their work shoes. And the entire world was hooked every second of it. Then there were controversies surrounding celebrities, including Will Smith and Kanye West.


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You just have to say “Keep Your” and almost anyone can complete your sentence. The same is the case with “My dog stepped” and the Internet will fill in the gap in a jiffy. The events that took place in the entertainment industry in 2022 are not something that people can shrug off. Not until you are Chris Rock and you got an Oscar event to host. So, from Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars to all the other moments, here are the highlights of the most entertaining moments in Hollywood 2022.


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Top Hollywood moments in 2022 featuring Will Smith, Kanye West, Meghan Markle and more

Hollywood started the year with a band. Or should we say smack? At the 2022 Oscar Awards, which were held in March, as celebrities waited for their names to be called out at what is considered to be one of the most honorable stages, Will Smith gave a special performance. The performance was only a minute long, but was strong enough to destroy Will Smith’s three-decades-long standing career.

From the now iconic ‘smack’ background score to the goosebumps-inducing dialogue “Get my wife’s name out of your f***ing mouth” everything was written, directed, and acted out by Will Smith himself. Never had the Hollywood industry seen one of its greatest actors choreograph their own downfall within just one minute. After smacking Chris Rock in the face, within mere minutes, the actor got on the stage to accept the Oscar for Best Actor. The actor received the Oscar only to be banned from the awards for ten whole years.

While Megxit may not necessarily be labeled as Hollywood, the multi-million dollar Netflix deal that followed definitely was. The Harry and Megan Oprah interview was one of the biggest moments of the past year. However, this year, the couple decided to take things up a notch by releasing their highly anticipated Netflix documentary.

And just like it promised, the docu-series, which was released just months after the death of Queen Elizabeth, entailed details of the mistreatment that the couple had to go through inside the castle. While Prince Harry came forward saying that the institution did not protect his family as did Prince William’s, it was Meghan’s revelation that shook the internet.

The former Suits actress revealed that she had struggled with suicidal thoughts and the Palace declined mental help. And for those who are still grieving the death of the loved Princess Diana, the revelation was like salt in the wounds.


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The documentary, as expected, got massive backlash along with the support that the couple garnered. Netflix may be brilliant at making murder documentaries, but we don’t think any documentary is going to come close to Harry & Meghan for a while now.

The biggest news of Summer this year was not bikini-clad models chilling out in Ibiza, but Johnny Depp suing his ex-wife Amber Heard for  $50 million for defaming him in a 2018 Washington Post where she talked about being a domestic violence survivor, signaling Johnny Depp as the abuser. What followed was the live streaming of all the testimonies which garnered 3.5 million streamers.

The world watched as Johnny Depp, one of the most well-known actors around the globe, sat in a courtroom in Virginia and recounted an experience where his ex-wife Amber Heard left feces on his bed. The lawsuit was no short of a movie with cameos from Kate Moss and a happy ending with Johnny Depp winning $15 million in damages and billions in dignity.

Topping off the slap gate that happened earlier in the year, came a spit gate involving Harry Styles and, sadly, yet another Chris. This time it was Chris Pine.

Contrary to the title of the movie, the Don’t Worry Darling promotions got all of us pretty worried. From Shia LaBeouf claiming that he was cut out of the movie abruptly by Olivia Wilde to Florence Pugh deciding that she needs a vacation amidst the ongoing press tour, the promotion was more engrossing than the movie itself.

However, the chaos reached its peak when a video of Harry Styles supposedly spitting on Chris Pine surfaced on the Internet. The claims were later proven false but did not take away from the train wreck that the Don’t Worry Darling promotions were.


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The flag bearer of controversies this year was none other than Kanye West. However, this time, the Grammy-winning rapper did not interrupt an artist mid-speech to rant about Beyonce or say that slavery did not exist. Both of which he has done in the past.


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This year, Ye came out with T-shirts saying “White Lives Matter” and things went downhill from there. The artist who was in the billionaire club has been kicked off the Forbes rich list and was also deserted by most of his Hollywood acquaintances. While it all started fluffy with his “Skete Davison” tweets, Ye escalated to Anti-Semitism and lost all his major brand deals. He is currently planning to run for President in 2024.

What, according to you, was the most controversial Pop culture moment of this year? Let u know in the comments below.



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