From Oscar Winner to Director: Daniel Kaluuya’s Dystopian Debut ‘The Kitchen’ Sets the Stage on Netflix

Published 08/17/2023, 2:09 PM EDT

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If movies like V for Vendetta, Children of Men, and The Platform are on your watchlist, then dystopian dramas are your cinematic obsession. Netflix hosts a plethora of such films, continuously curating and offering more. Unlike the world of utopia, this genre intrigues and unsettles you, tapping into your fears and curiosities. And now, a fresh addition, The Kitchen is heading to Netflix, directed by Academy Award winner, Daniel Kaluuya.

Get ready for an exciting directorial debut from the Academy Award winner of Judas and the Black Messiah– Daniel Kaluuya. Teaming up with Kibwe Tavares, the film gears up to make its debut on Netflix.

The Kitchen set to make its debut on Netflix


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A thrilling addition to the Netflix lineup with yet another dystopian drama is coming to Netflix. And when you see the name Daniel Kaluuya attached, you know it’s going to be something extraordinary. Having starred in the dystopian masterpiece, Black Mirror, the acclaimed star is marking his directorial debut. Kaluuya is collaborating with Tavares while Kane Robinson is taking the lead role. The excitement is soaring, especially as the movie is set to be the closing highlight of the 67th BFI London Film Festival.

The grand unveiling will take place on October 15th at London’s illustrious Southbank Centre’s Royal Festival Hall. This dazzling premiere will pave the way for its subsequent launch across U.K. cinemas and its eagerly awaited arrival on the Netflix platform. Echoing the city’s heartbeat, Tavares and Kaluuya’s told Variety, “We both grew up in London, and ‘The Kitchen’ is a love letter to our city, so it’s a true honor to premiere it here, in our hometown, on the closing night of BFI’s London Film Festival.” 


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Daniel Kaluuya’s statement has fans running their minds on the treadmill as they try to decipher how the new director is going to make a dystopian project a “love letter” to London.

London turns magic ingredient for Kaluuya’s The Kitchen

Imagine stepping into the year 2044, where London becomes the stage for The Kitchen, a gripping dystopian drama. Picture a future where the gap between the rich and the struggling reaches its peak. All forms of social housing are erased and the working class is pushed to makeshift homes on the city’s outskirts. And at the heart of it all is The Kitchen, a unique community that refuses to give up their home even as the world changes around them.


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This story revolves around Izi, a determined resident of The Kitchen who dreams of a better life. On the other hand, is Benji, a 12-year-old boy searching for a place to belong to after losing his mother. As they navigate this tough world, they cross paths, showing us how they’re fighting to survive in a system that doesn’t play fair. It’s a tale of resilience and hope in the face of a society plagued by inequality.


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