Fans Hilariously React to a Couple Who Got a Little Too Excited at the Taylor Swift Concert

Published 04/04/2023, 4:00 PM EDT

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Fans had the time of life at the highest-selling Taylor Swift concert. While some proposed to their beloved, others twerked on ‘Ready for It.’ Well, if you are a Swiftie or a pop culture enthusiast in general, you already know what we are talking about. But if you missed this one, we are here to take you back on one of the shows of her Eras tour where fans’ “embarrassing actions” on her finest singles sparked etiquette debate among the others.

The pop singer’s much-hyped Eras tour, which had fans paying an exorbitant amount for tickets, is the sixth one so far and is scheduled till August 9. The tour subsumes her three previous albums: Lover, Folklore, and Evermore, and her latest, Midnights. With a significant number of shows already done, we not only realize her true and full potential, but fans are seemingly going bonkers and enjoying themselves at the highest, even at the expense of decorum.


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One of the fan videos got viral on TikTok and Twitter wherein a girl twerked on another person as Swift sang “Are you ready for it/ Baby let the games begin…” at the top of her voice. Watching the video, fans wasted no time and shared their two cents on the appropriateness of such behavior during a public concert.


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Fans weigh their opinion on the appropriateness of such dance at the Taylor Swift concert

First uploaded by TikTok user ‘Livy made this,’ the video is gaining foreground among fans who believe “Taylor Swift got no songs where you need to be doing this.” Another fan mockingly said, “Twerking is not a personality trait.”

One also wrote nobody wants to see such overtly sensual moves

Some fans also wrote there is not an ounce of rhythm that should make people grind. Another one uploaded a picture from what seems to be the Regency era, commenting, “we used to have civilization.”

Notably, other Twitterati took the stance of the dancers, stating that no one should film people without their consent. Others also said they are enjoying their own world and people should let them be.


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This is not the first time such a controversy has emerged. Earlier two fans were at fences debating whether the excitement and volume of fans is appropriate after another Eras Tour video depicted the loud fandom.

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