Everything You Need to Know About First Arabic Netflix Original Film- ‘Perfect Strangers’- Reviews, Cast, Trailer, Synopsis, And More

Published 01/24/2022, 3:00 PM EST

Remember the game where we used to spin a bottle and the person it pointed its ends to, had to answer any question asked or complete any dare given? How about a nuanced version of it? Well, Perfect Strangers on Netflix is here with a game like no other. Warn you, it will bring the façade down, and reveal the darkest of secrets that are right now in that tiny device of yours called smartphone.

Although, the comedy-drama is almost a mimeograph of a 2016 original Italian hit film of the same name, it is the very first Arabic movie streaming on Netflix worldwide. Notably, Perfect Strangers is remade 18 times across countries such as Greece, Germany, France, and more. Thus, it is the most remade film ever.

Perfect Strangers on Netflix are all set to expose themselves


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In a get-to-gather party of seven close friends, they come up with a strange game to play. They all agree to put out every message or phone call they receive on the table. That is, everyone gets to know everything on each other’s phone. However, what was supposed to be fun takes a different turn when deepest secrets are revealed. For instance, a character being gay is one such divulgence. How will they react to it? Will the friendships remain as much intact? Watch Perfect Strangers on Netflix now to find out!

Further, talking to The National Academy award nominated, Nadine Labaki says, ”We all live in a world where everyone has a phone and almost all your life is on the phone. So I think everybody relates to it. We all have the same barricades and aren’t sure how to deal with it. Do we put all our secrets and everything we do in life on this small device? What happens if somebody else finds out what’s inside?” If you are curious enough as well, you know exactly where to spend your binge hours today.


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Who are the seven friends in the real world?

Directed by Lebanese, Wissam Smarya, the Arab doppelgänger of the Italian movie has a premium pan-Arabic cast:

  • Nadine Labaki as May
  • Mona Zaki as Maryam
  • Diamand Bou Abboud as Jana
  • Eyad Nassar as Sherif
  • Adel Karam as Ziad
  • Georges Khabbaz as Walid
  • Fouad Yammine as Rabih
  • Sinead Chaaya as Sophie
  • Raymonde Saade as Azar

Reviews for Perfect Strangers

Egyptian Streets writes, “The film resembles a theatrical play, where light is shed on each character’s darkest and most vulnerable moments. Every performance is masterfully captivating and emotionally explosive. After the dramatic outburst of each character, the final scene of the film leaves the audience with a puzzling twist – one that will leave them concluding their own desired endings.

“The film is well-balanced, between a thrillingly realistic dialogue that is met with comic relief to ease the overflowing tension. The melancholic music parallelly cues the weight of the events that are to unfold throughout the film.”

Moreover, the movie got an IMDb rating of 6.4/10.

Here’s what fans had to say about the Arabic film:


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As you watch the movie, let us know in the comment section what your take is on the game.



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