Easter Eggs: Unraveling Hidden Secrets in ‘The Crown’ Season 6 Trailer

Published 10/26/2023, 11:58 PM EDT

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Netflix is one of the biggest players when it comes to providing content. The streaming service is home to many original and prestigious shows that transformed the OTT genre completely. Fitting the description is The Crown, one of the earliest Netflix originals. Premiered back in 2016, The Crown was arguably the most defining show of its time. After five incredible seasons, the show is nearing its end as the trailer for the final installment was released with Imelda Staunton playing the Queen.

The Crown season 6 set the internet on fire with its much-anticipated trailer. As the fans await the show’s release, here are a few easter eggs as seen in the trailer.

Easter eggs from the trailer of The Crown season 6


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It seems like Netflix took no chances with the trailer, as the streamer delivered an incredible teaser. Within two minutes, the teaser took viewers through a rollercoaster of events revolving around the life and death of Princess Diana. It features highly emotional moments of the Princess’s life as she struggles with being a tabloid icon whilst maintaining a relationship with her children after the split.

Starring Elizabeth Debicki in the role of Princess Diana, the trailer also explored the budding friendship between Diana and Dodi Fayed. Another easter egg that many failed to notice was the dress that Queen Elizabeth II played by Imelda Staunton in one of the brief scenes. Staunton dons a blue coat dress alongside a woven hat to match with a diamond brooch. Unobvious to many, the dress is exactly similar to the one the real-life Queen Elizabeth II wore when she completed 50 years on the throne.

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Undoubtedly, the trailer has hyped the fans about the exciting season ahead. Meanwhile, there is an unexpected twist to the story that might send chills down your spine.

Will the final season feature a horror element in the story?

After the thrilling trailer that hit the internet a while ago, all eyes are on Princess Diana. It is evident that the season will revolve around the princess’s life while other characters take the backseat. In addition to that, the sixth season will also feature Princess Diana’s ghost in the story. Apart from covering her tragic death, the story also includes a vision of the late royal which the director confirmed.


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As shocking as it may sound, Debicki will appear twice in the season finale. Meanwhile, season 6 will only cover the events that occurred back in the day and not drive the story to the present. As of late, no more details about the series have surfaced online and the fans will have to wait till 16th November till the final season drops.


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In the meantime, let us know if you noticed anything peculiar in the trailer in the comments below.



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