As the Final Season of ‘Stranger Things’ Starts Production, Fans Give Their Dream Ending to the Iconic Show

Published 08/19/2023, 7:24 AM EDT

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Stranger Things has already started its production process for the last and final leg in its series. Though not the only installment in its universe, season 5 will mark the end for Millie Bobby Brown and her award-winning character, Eleven. The series first aired in 2016, marking the beginning of the most-watched Netflix shows. And as their show’s last season’s excitement heightened among the fans, they got a chance to choose the ending of their favorite teen thriller drama. 

If one were to choose their dream ending for the show before season 4, they could have filled it with more monsters and an enticing thriller maze of winning against them. But season 4 had different plans in mind. Eddie met an untimely death and the win against Vecna came at the cost of Max being in a coma. Now choices would be different. It would be more along the lines of fans hoping Max would wake up and wishing all their favorite characters survive till the end. The sudden deaths of some of their favorite characters left the fandom heartbroken.


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As season 5 geared up its production process, the iconic battleground of previous seasons, Hawkins School, came back to life. Netflix’s favorite sheriff, played by David Harbour, candidly revealed how the 5th season was bigger and better than all the last four seasons. He also talked about getting the script for the 5th season amidst the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike.

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While this series may be coming to an end, the makers have other ideas to continue the Upside Down universe. In the meantime, fans have their geeky hats on for the one thing, and it is crafting an interesting ending for the show.

A dream ending for Stranger Things

Fans were able to embrace their inner geeks and imagine their own ending for the fantasy drama. While some rooted for their favorite ship names, others hoped their favorite characters rose from the dead. While season 4 did leave fans worried for Steve, they hoped he would get a fitting ending. They even campaigned for how genuine and nice his character was. A Twitter reply even detailed a nerve-chilling full-circle moment for Will Byers.

A fan summarised all the hopeful romantic pairings of the characters, while another gave it the classic “it was all a dream” ending.


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While fans tried giving the show a befitting imaginary ending, there is no news about the release dates. Only the end of the actors’ strike will signal the makers to begin filming.


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