An Emmy Nod to ‘Stranger Things’ Confirms the Ultimate Vecna Repellent, Here’s Your Doze

Published 08/18/2023, 2:52 PM EDT

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During Stranger Things’ initial airing, the story primarily unfolded within the confines of Hawkins town. As eerie as the first season might have been, it pales in comparison to the tumultuous storm that Vecna unleashed in the subsequent seasons. Even Eleven’s formidable abilities seemed to take a step back in the face of Vecna’s surreal powers. The group’s ultimate quest became finding the means to combat him. This was a pivotal goal aimed at rescuing their world from the clutches of the Upside Down realm.

Here is your chance to take a break from Vecna—a much-needed respite. The intriguing part is that this remedy happens to be impeccable: It had earned an Emmy nomination, adding another layer of perfection to it.

Escape the grip of Vecna as Emmy-nominated respite arrives


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In a twist, the forgotten rendition of Kate Bush’s ‘Running Up That Hill’ found its revival in Stranger Things. Beyond its chart-topping impact, the song played a crucial role in rescuing Max from the clutches of Vecna during her first harrowing brush with death. As Max escapes Vecna’s grasp, it dawns on them that music holds the power to shield them from his influence. With an Emmy nomination for Nora Felder, this notion seems to be further affirmed, solidifying the profound connection between music and their battle against Vecna.


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Embrace the notion that it is not just ‘Running Up That Hill,’ but every song on the Stranger Things playlist that can serve as your shield against Vecna’s threat. Spotify joined forces with the series to craft a unique Upside Down playlist. Additionally, it is a collaboration that underscores the connection between music and battling the Stranger Things villain. Nora Felder’s brilliance shines yet again, as she not only secured an Emmy but also unearthed Kate Bush’s elusive version for the show, further cementing the melodic magic in their fight against the darkness.


Kate Bush Lands an Invite Into a Special List, Courtesy of ‘Stranger Things’ Stunning Revival of Her ‘Running up the Hill’

7 months ago

In a dazzling move of creativity, Felder orchestrated the revival of Bush’s cherished 80s classic in the episode Dear Billy.


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Nora Felder’s creative brilliance in Stranger Things

The show secured a big victory at the 2022 Creative Arts Emmy Awards, winning the Outstanding Music Supervision Emmy Award. The standout episode Chapter Four: Dear Billy featured the iconic song ‘Running Up That Hill’ by Kate Bush. Nora Felder, the genius behind the show’s music and other remarkable projects, received the well-deserved Emmy recognition. The 1980s hit made a powerful comeback with the release of season 4, topping the charts with the 1 billion mark on Spotify and gaining 100 million YouTube views for its music video by July.

In the series, the malevolent Vecna’s control over humanity makes music a crucial survival tool. Sadie Sink’s character, Max succumbs to Vecna’s influence while listening to Kate Bush’s ‘Running Up That Hill’. Nora Felder chose this song purposefully for its lyrics, particularly the phrase “a pact with god,” which mirrors Max’s journey. The song’s emotional depth captures Max’s belief in a miracle to free her from suffering. Felder, in her acceptance speech, thanked Metallica and Kate Bush for their musical contributions to Season 4.

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