6 Lessons That Prove Ryan Reynolds Is the Greatest Marketer Alive

Published 11/26/2022, 11:30 PM EST

Whether you have realized it or not, a huge aspect of how popular an actor is depends on how well they market themselves. Kanye West having something controversial to say about every topic and John Cena liking K-pop is not just mere coincidence. In order to have a successful career, actors have to build a strong connection with the audience not just in theatres but also through their personalities. And Ryan Reynolds is one such actor who has nailed this art.


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From making a blockbuster hit by acting mostly like himself and creating fake beef with Hugh Jackman to promote his brand, the actor knows what works. And the fact that the actor is 70% good looks and 30% satirical just works in his favor. But contrary to popular belief, acting is not the only thing the actor has going for himself. Reynolds is a genius investor and an even more brilliant marketer. The Deadpool actor knows what his assets are and he knows just the way to make a profit out of them. Here are all the times Reynolds showed that he is a genius marketer and proved that business doesn’t always have to be serious.


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Why Ryan Reynolds is the greatest marketer alive?

1. When Ryan Reynolds used his wife’s best friend to make bucks

The fact that Taylor Swift is besties with Blake Lively is no news. Reynolds and Lively’s daughter has even made a cameo on a track of the Grammy-winning artist’s album. And being the marketing genius that he is, Reynolds knew just the way to make a profit out of it.

Around the time when talks of Taylor Swift re-recording her old songs were at their peak, Reynolds released 2020: A Match made in Hell. And it had the re-recorded version of Swift’s most iconic song, Love Story. Not only did the actor not pay anybody who had stolen Taylor Swift’s music but also made a brilliant ad for Match.

2. The Deadpool actor owns the equity

If you thought that Reynolds was putting Maximum Effort (pun intended) into Match.com just to make a wonderful ad, then you were wrong. Reynolds is also on the board of directors for the matchmaking website.

Furthermore, the actor also owns Mint Mobile and Aviation which has become popular even outside the West, thanks to Reynolds’ advertisements.


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3. Ryan Reynolds believes in ‘fast-vertising’

The Deadpool actor knows how fast trends change in the age of social media. And has talked about fast-vertising which basically means using anything that is creating a buzz at the moment and incorporating it into their ads.

For instance the time they used Monica Ruiz from the Peloton ad in the Aviation Gin ad within 36 hours. Another great example is when he used Winnie-the-Pooh to create Winnie-the screwed for a Mint Mobile ad, the day it entered the public domain.


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4. Do Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman actually hate each other?

Given their hilarious personalities, Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds are two personalities audiences just cannot have enough of. They decided to use what they do best, not being blockbuster Marvel superheroes, but sarcasm to make brilliant ads to help promote each other’s companies.

The Truce video on Reynolds’ YouTube channel has more than eleven million views. The creative pun-intended ways the Green Lantern actor has used to pronounce Hugh should be appreciated by everyone.

5. Ryan Reynolds is the star of his own ads

Not only does he help in writing out these hilarious ads but he also stars in them. So if you are someone who started following him after People magazine named him the Sexiest Man Alive, you will not be disappointed.


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6. Taking promotional posting to the next level

The Green Lantern actor definitely learned his lesson after spending millions on the Laughing Man coffee ad for Hugh Jackman. And like a true businessman, he never makes the same mistakes.



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Not all of Reynolds’s promotions include him calling up Taylor Swift or filming an Oscar-worthy production, some just include a public letter. That one time when he made sure that everybody knows that he now owns a soccer club called Wrexham AFC by demanding 2 LARGE boxes of Ted Lasso’s biscuits still remains funny.

Did you know that the actor was on the board of directors for Match.com? Let us know in the comments below.



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