Will Taylor Swift Announce Reputation (Taylor’s Version) At MTV VMAs 2023?

Published 09/05/2023, 8:59 AM EDT

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In the midst of the MTV VMAs 2023 being impacted by the SAG-AFTRA strike, fans of Taylor Swift eagerly anticipate a triumphant moment for their idol. Her multiple nominations come as no surprise. It is almost certain she will walk away with numerous awards in her honor. More so, it seems like the perfect time to declare this period as the ‘Swift Era’. Her Eras tour has taken center stage, and she is captivating her audience by re-recording and re-releasing her albums.

The spotlight particularly shone on her recent rendition of ‘1989’. Amid swirling speculation about Swift’s upcoming release of her sixth album, ‘Reputation,’ fans eagerly speculate about a potential announcement at the VMAs 2023.

Will Taylor Swift announce Reputation at the VMAs?

The singer known for her teasing hints, has fans eagerly anticipating her upcoming re-releases, including ‘Reputation (Taylor’s Version)’. While the focus remains on ‘Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)’ and ‘1989 (Taylor’s Version)’, The ‘Lover’ singer is known for her flair for dropping album announcements during awards shows. So, the likelihood of a ‘Reputation’ release at the VMAs 2023 is buzzing with anticipation.

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Speculations surrounding a possible ‘Reputation’ release at the VMAs 2023 could be traced back to her pattern of making album announcements during awards shows. In 2022, she announced her album ‘Midnights’ during the VMAs while accepting her third MTV Video Music Award for ‘All Too Well.’ This trend harkens back to the iconic ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ music video, where Swift bathed in diamonds, marking the start of her ‘Reputation’ era.

Certainly, there has been speculation swirling about the possibility of a re-release of Swift’s album ‘Reputation’. Some fans and theorists have been buzzing with theories and anticipation.

Swifties decode clues: Is Reputation (Taylor’s Version) on the horizon?

The singer is the queen of cryptic clues. Additionally, her fans are embroiled in a puzzle around the release of ‘Reputation’. Her hint-filled journey began with ‘Lover’. The graffiti wall in ‘The Man’ video hinted at the order of her re-releases. The ‘Karma’ music video dropped another breadcrumb with a coffee cup sporting latte art resembling a clock. Further, suggesting a potential February announcement, like ‘1989.’

Details like mask imagery from ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ and her hairstyle, akin to the original ‘Reputation’ cover, added to the intrigue. As Swift dons darker attire during studio sessions, her fashion mirrors the ‘Reputation’ era. Her affinity for significant dates has fans guessing possible release dates. More so, January 1, 2024, aligned with ‘New Year’s Day,’ or November 10, 2023, echo for the original ‘Reputation’ launch.

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