When Kanye West Had Drake Vibing to His Version of the Canadian Rappers’ Billboard Hot 100 Song

Published 08/21/2023, 1:50 PM EDT

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One of the hottest hip-hop dramas of the decade has undoubtedly been the long-standing feud between Kanye West and Drake. Igniting the music industry in its wake, their feud has covered oh-so-many topics. While some of their quarrels are petty borderline-PR stunts, some tend to take a darker turn. Like the time when the Donda rapper accused his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian of cheating on him with Drake. After this nasty accusation, things obviously went downhill for the two on-and-off friends.

When Kardashian made an appearance at Drake’s It’s All A Blur concert a few days ago, those rumors were reignited. While many fed into the hatred, a fan-run page of West’s on X called Ye Streams chose to take an alternative route. They brought back an old clip of Ye singing ‘Find Your Love’ by Drake. As the video shows the 36-year-old cheering him on, the caption celebrated the “cool moment” between the two Grammy-winning rappers.


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Judging by the way Drake grooved along, he clearly approved of the 46-year-old’s take on it. Yet every time one of their fights, like the recent one reenters the spotlight, social media showdowns between their fans begin. But nobody can deny that the 2010 track by Drake is considered a special one for the very fact that it was co-produced by West. 


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For some, the clip was all about securing a front-row seat to a clash between the creative geniuses. For others, it was a heartwarming scene. Overall, the comments section had quite a mixed reaction to Ye Stream’s post.

Netizens cannot get enough of Kanye West vs. Drake 

Although both sides have fed into the feud many times, just last month Drake was spotted vibing to another one of West’s tracks. And just like that clip, this one also saw all sorts of frenzied reactions. Some users appreciated the moment and the story behind it. Others simply claimed that their favorite artist was “better”.

Ye’s fans dominated the comments in support of the ‘Graduation’ rapper.

As one user reminisced about hearing the track back when it came out, a Kanye West fan hopes that “his next album” is as good as the performance.


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Maybe one day the rappers and their fans will reunite over their shared love for the rap game. Until then, such polarizing content is bound to keep doing the rounds. 


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Do you think Drake would still vibe along to a Kanye West performance after the recent feud over Kim Kardashian? Share your thoughts in the comments. 



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