Taylor Swift Brings Out Diss Guns Just Hours After Scooter Braun’s Big Retirement Announcement

Published 06/19/2024, 12:00 AM EDT

Taylor Swift has had her fair share of feuds in her decade-long career. But if there was one feud that became so trendy it was slated to be featured in a docuseries by Warner Bros., it was her clash with music manager Scooter Braun. This feud originated when Braun bought the rights to Swift’s first six albums in a $300 million deal in June 2019. However, one silver lining of this conflict was the re-recording of Swift’s classic hits. 

Now, with Braun stepping back from his long-time role, both Swifties and the pop sensation herself seemingly found reason to celebrate at the Eras Tour. 

Taylor Swift shadily tweaks her setlist for Eras Tour


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At the Tuesday Eras Tour show in Cardiff, Wales, fans noticed that Taylor Swift performed a different setlist during the surprise acoustic song set. She sang not one, but two diss tracks: 'I Forgot That You Existed' and 'This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things'. This came right after Scooter Braun announced his retirement from music management via a lengthy Instagram post, leading fans to believe the two events were related.

While Taylor Swift did not directly mention Braun, she burst out laughing on stage during the mashup. As she sang the lyrics, "Cause forgiveness is a nice thing to do," she threw her hands up in the air and laughed along with the cheering crowd. Considering that it was also Braun’s birthday, Swifties on social media thought the 'Cruel Summer' singer could not have brought a summer crueler than this for the ex-music manager.

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They took to social media spreading their laughter over the rumored diss aimed at Taylor Swift's most prominent foe while also criticizing Scooter Braun for his alleged exploitation of artists. 

Swifties are more than happy to see Scooter Braun retire


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The Instagram announcement made by Scooter Braun saw a range of reactions. While there were some who supported the music mogul, the majority seemed to have some 'Bad Blood' for Braun, especially Swifties and the Army. Some found the note and Braun’s 23-year-long journey “inspiring”, and others some him of “stealing”. “You have created a legacy of hurting your artists,” a fan echoed the sentiment Swift shared in her emotional Tumblr post in 2019.


Many other fans also referred to the pop star’s popular 'Midnights' track by commenting, “Karma”, which has now become a trademark diss for Braun in the Swift community. It was no surprise as to why the entire clan came at Scooter Braun so fiercely given the history. But with his retirement, it is safe to consider it the end of the controversial Taylor Swift vs. Scooter Braun drama. 


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