“I was definitely…” – Armani White Reveals How the Fresh Prince AKA Will Smith Was One of His Earliest Influence

Published 08/09/2023, 12:52 PM EDT

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Over the past few years, Will Smith‘s name has become synonymous with a movie star. It has been decades since the actor’s name last meant rapper and his legacy as the Fresh Prince is forgotten, if not gone. Back in the late 80s, the rap duo of Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff had become a household name. While Smith’s career as a rapper was short-lived, he inspired a number of artists.

If you are a music fan, it is almost impossible that you have not heard Armani White. The Philly rapper is amongst the few rising artists in the hip-hop industry. He is among the few rappers from Philadelphia who carved a niche out for themselves in the industry. And recently, White revealed how one of Philly’s biggest rappers, AKA the Fresh Prince, had an influence on him.

Armani White shows love to Will Smith


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Following his performance at the 2023 Billboards, the Watch Your Self hitmaker appeared in an interview with Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Power Players & Live. In the interview, while describing his core moments in Hip-Hop, White revealed that he was a huge fan of the Fresh Prince since he was young. In addition to that, White spoke, “I was definitely having the CDs, the black thought and the roots in Philly.

White also mentioned Eminem and revealed how one of his first CDs was Marshal Mathers Eps, which he bought using his own money. Elsewhere, the rapper shared his experience of sharing the stage with the Bad Guy hitmaker. White called Eilish his homie and revealed how the initial plan was to play UNO with her. However, the singer did not have enough time to play and asked White to share the stage with her. The duo deliver a power-packed performance as they vibed on the hit song, BILLIE EILISH by White.


How N.O.R.E Made ‘Billie Eilish’ Happen for Armani White

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Meanwhile, this was not the first time the rapper credited the Fresh Prince.

How the Fresh Prince inspired Armani White beyond music


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As we all know, Will Smith was one of the first names from Philadelphia who made a mark in the hip-hop industry. Being one of the biggest names in the rap world back then, the actor played a huge role in setting a benchmark. Apart from inspiring with his music, Smith also created waves with his style and fashion.

Previously, during one of his interviews, Armani White credited the Men In Black actor as someone who “brought in a lot of fashion even just on the male side.” Moreover, he added that growing up Fresh Prince was his biggest inspiration. Interestingly, White also met Smith’s rap partner, DJ Jazzy Jeff, a while ago.


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