Following Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, Selena Gomez Crashes Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour in Inglewood

Published 09/03/2023, 6:36 AM EDT

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With a smile as infectious as her catchy tunes, Selena Gomez is the quintessential pop sensation. As the queen of multi-talents and coy elegance, she has captivated Americans’ hearts from the days of her debut with Disney. Her voice, which can melt the coldest of hearts, is among the world’s most loved, only falling behind the music industry’s female moguls, Taylor Swift and Beyoncé. But far from comparing themselves to each other, these ladies celebrate each other’s successes.

Just last month, Gomez was spotted with her little sister at her long-time friend, Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour. And yesterday they followed in the footsteps of Meghan Markle and splashed on some silver pieces to honor the reigning queen of the industry.

After Meghan Markle, Selena Gomez follows the Renaissance World Tour protocol


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When the most vivacious live performer of all time, Queen B beckons her fans to don silver and attend her concert, there is no option but to obey. And Selena Gomez is no exception to that rule. One night after Markle and her family pulled up at Inglewood to catch Beyonce’s tour clad in silver, the ‘Rare’ singer followed suit. Posing beside her sister, Gomez shared pictures of the duo styled in silver accessories on her social media.

After her first performance of the Renaissance World Tour in a dazzling jumpsuit, the 41-year-old requested her fans to show up in matching silver hues for the upcoming shows. And the fact that even celebrity members of the Beyhive loyally followed through, just goes to show the ‘Lemonade’ singer’s star power. 


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Yet, not all eminent personalities succumb to the allure of a megastar like Beyoncé. At her concert last night, the grim expressions on one celebrity’s face stood out like a sore thumb.

Prince Harry is not a fan of Beyoncé?

Among Markle’s troupe in attendance at Inglewood, was none other than her hubby Prince Harry. Although the British royal surprisingly followed Queen B’s protocol and donned a grey suit, he did not seem to be too happy to be there. Unlike the soon-to-be billionaire Selena Gomez who was beaming at the Renaissance concert, Prince Harry did not even crack a smile. 


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Many wondered why the Duke of Sussex looked so distant at such an exhilarating event. Maybe he simply did not enjoy the pop music? After all, not all men feel as passionate about the genre as Ryan Reynolds does for Taylor Swift’s tunes.


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Besides Selena Gomez, which other celebrities are you expecting to see at one of Beyoncé’s upcoming shows? Share your answer in the comments. 



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