“…5 or 6 different Kanye’s” – Former Kanye West Collaborator Jadakiss Reveals His True Feelings About the Latest Avatar of the Infamous Rapper

Published 07/17/2023, 3:00 PM EDT

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Kanye West has been a topic of discussion for many rappers, especially since his career went south. While he remains quiet these days, working on a comeback, everyone has their own recount of him. The entertainer has had a widespread network in the music industry and is a passionate collaborator. But things have definitely not been as nice and dandy in the last few months.

His transformation from a producer to a rapper was applauded even by his competitors. But the man that began his career in the early 2000s has since evolved, for better or for worse. The latest one to point out his behavior change is his former collaborator and fellow rapper, Jadakiss.

Jadakiss uniquely explains the changes in Kanye West in recent times


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Ye may be appreciated for his music, but people are also not afraid to call him out on his mistakes. Rapper Jadakiss revealed to the host during The Adam Friedland Show the changes he saw in the ‘Famous’ singer over time. When asked about how West is doing these days, he said, “I’ve met like five or six different Kanye’s“. As per him, the first 4 versions were great, but the last two, not so much. He still has nothing but good wishes for Ye.

The rapper requested fans to pray for Ye’s health and for him to get out of this. Later in the interview, he also confessed to being a big fan of the Diamond Certified song by West and Jay-Z called ‘N*ggas in Paris’. Even through the changes, Jadakiss and West collaborated on the track ‘Jesus Lord Pt. 2′ back in 2021. When asked whether West would return to his old glory, Jadakiss’ response was positive.


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The two have not worked together ever since, but both rappers are busy progressing their own careers.

What are both the rappers up to today?


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Jadakiss revealed his plans of dropping two albums this year with Lox and completing his work with Def Jam Records. He has released 5 studio albums so far, with the last one being ‘Ignatius’ back in 2020. Ye’s last album was ‘Donda 2’ back in 2022, after which he went underground owing to his controversies.

Since his return, Ye’s ‘Concussion’ song with Fivio Foreign was uploaded on social media. He is also supposed to feature in Traxter’s deluxe album, which is now postponed. Another collaboration may come with Rapper Rooga, with him dropping hints during a recent interview. But if Jadakiss is to be believed and there are indeed different Kanye Wests at different times, then we can perhaps expect a variety in his upcoming discography.


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