A Year After His Infamous “Go Marry Tom Brady” Remark, Kanye West Upset With Kim Kardashian’s Dating Rumors With the NFL GOAT

Published 07/23/2023, 10:30 PM EDT

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Kanye West has come into the center of controversial attention again. The American rapper is famous for unknowingly catching the attention of his fans with his honest remarks in public. And this honesty often lands the rapper in puddles. The ‘Donda’ singer separated from Kim Kardashian in 2022. After this, a tumultuous year of a very public divorce squander took place. From comments about Pete Davidson to his current partner Bianca Censori, the rapper has traveled a long way in his personal and professional life both. And recently, Ye was reportedly upset with the new dating rumors of his ex. 

In a tweet by Daily Loud, the 46-year-old rapper is reportedly upset with the dating rumors between Kardashian and Tom Brady. The SKIMS owner hinted that she is dating somebody that “totally meets her standards” in The Kardashians. The person who meets her standards could very much be the NFL superstar, Tom Brady. And while she seems to have found that somebody, the Donda Academy owner does not seem very happy. Coming after his infamous remark from a year ago, this indicates quite the exact opposite. 


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A year ago, Ye appeared in InfoWars and he advised Kardashian to settle down and live happily with someone great, preferably Tom Brady. The ‘Flashing Lights’ singer said, “Marry somebody great. Go marry Tom Brady.” While the rapper seems to regret his words and is reportedly bitter, this is not the first time he has had a problem. The singer spoke against the SKKN Fragrance owner and Pete Davidson while they were dating last year, making things a little difficult. 


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While the two battle their ongoing differences, this is what the fans had to say.

Kanye West fans understand the rapper well and are not surprised

The fans were pointing to his previous statement and said it was obvious he would be upset. Known for his very honest statements in public, the fans feel that the tension between the two about the public divorce still exists.

Others pointed to a similar fact in his statement not aging well.

And while some had accepted the fate, another told him to take some action.


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And while we all know that the internet has opinions, they have it not just in words, but in memes too. Cillian Murphy has made it to the slate of memes to depict Ye’s feelings too.


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