How Does Stranger Things 4 Connect With Marvel Cinematic Universe? Is there a Merger or Crossover in the Works?

Published 05/28/2022, 7:00 AM EDT

There are not any two franchises as popular as Stranger Things and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Both of these superhero/supernatural franchises have garnered the most popular and widespread fan bases. And what better way to make those fans happy than to come together. For many years rumors of Stranger Things merging with the MCU have been circulating.

However there wasn’t even any strong evidence to support these claims. But now that there is only one season left in the Stranger Things storyline. One can safely assume that merging with the MCU is the next step for Eleven and her gang. In fact, there are some clues that point towards a presumable crossover someday.

Let us take a look at some of the clues that hint at a possible Stranger Things and MCU collaboration in the future.


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Is there a Stranger Things and MCU crossover in the future?

Many rumors, news, and explanations have been left by the Duffer Brothers and the Stranger Things cast that after season 4 or 5, Stranger Things will be merging into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The Duffer Brothers and the Stranger Things actors have left several clues that hint at a possible Stranger Things and Marvel union over the course of three seasons.

The title The Hellfire Club is the first and most noticeable of these.

This connects directly to the X-Men comics, where The Hellfire Club is a secret club of villains from the X-Men comics of the 1980s. Stranger Things is one lot closer to combining with X-Men and Marvel now that they’re both under Disney’s umbrella.

The Black Widow coincidence

It’s more powerful than you may expect. If you’re a fan of both Marvel and Stranger Things, you’re probably aware that David Harbour plays both Hopper and Red Guardian. In the film Black Widow, Harbour portrays Red Guardian.

David Harbour even said that this was just a coincidence. He even stated that there is no crossover between the two realms, contrary to popular perception. But, while we’re on the subject of David Harbour confirming or refuting hypotheses, consider how he reacted when asked if Hopper was still alive.

In an interview, David said, “I always knew Hopper had to make a sacrifice because he is a j*rk. He needs to pay for that some way.” 

Later, he went on to say that he expected to be cast in ‘The American,’ but that he never received a casting call.

Millie Bobby Brown was in talks to star in The Eternals

Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven) was said to be on the list of performers that will play the main parts in The Eternals in early 2019. Brown turned to her social media account a few days later to deny any such rumors with convincing facial expressions.


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At the same time, she added the three words ‘as of now’ to her remark, leaving it open to debate. Yes, she wasn’t in The Eternals, but Marvel appears to have greater ideas for the X-Men-like Eleven.

Similarities of Eleven with Wanda Maximoff

Eleven is tied to so many Marvel characters that she may be included in the Marvel Universe in a variety of ways.   Either as a different character in the mutant school or as a lengthy plot on Earth 616.

Eleven might, in fact, be incorporated into an existing character who is missing a childhood tale.


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Her telepathic abilities are quite similar to Wanda’s, Jean Grey‘s, and Professor Xavier‘s. Wanda’s (Scarlet Witch) and Eleven’s stories are so similar that it appears like they are sisters from separate universes.

There still hasn’t been any news if the two extremely popular universes will come together. But the evidence surely point down a similar lane.


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What do you guys think? Will the two franchises even come together after the fifth season of Stranger Things is complete? Let us know in the comments.




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