Wrexham AFC Wins Over a Legendary League Club, While Fans Congratulate Ryan Reynolds for the US Win

Published 07/26/2023, 5:00 PM EDT

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It seems like it was just yesterday that the Welsh football club made it to the leagues after their promotion. But look at them winning accolades with other big league teams too. In their American stretch of the tour, Wrexham AFC competed with Manchester United in San Diego. Visiting Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney’s home base for the first time as a team, this trip proved to be quite a wholesome experience. 

Wrexham players received a pleasant win against the Man United players. With an academy lineup on Man U’s part, the Welsh footballers managed to secure a win of 3-1. Taking to Twitter, the Deadpool 3 actor gave a massive thanks to the legendary club for the opportunity to play against them. This win definitely deserves its own stand, having won against a Premier League team. 


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And while this run has been pretty fruitful outside the field too, the Hollywood co-owners have proved that good spirits and determination will help win the hearts in all spheres of professional areas. From winning the heart of their fans to making their absence seem tasteful, the fans have definitely chosen their favorite between the owners of the two football teams. 


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As Wrexham AFC saw the win, the ardent football fans rushed into the team’s support. 

Fans congratulate the team after Ryan Reynolds sends his “massive thanks”

The fans are quick to notice the steady rise in their game and strategy. Carefully weaving the path to achieve success, Reynolds is pretty good at making his team noticed. While the club-based docuseries and philanthropy come as a decent rescue, the fans are already smitten. And as some notice the big win against the premier league team, others acknowledge its Hollywood-type rise. This comes with the added benefit of their charm over American fans. On one hand, it is the not-so-big fans of Avram Glazer on the other our favorite Hollywood football pair

The fans acknowledge the big league win, and it is all hearts and claps. 

One of them said that the Wrexham team is going all Hollywood, aka going all legendary. 


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And others thank him for bringing the “lads” over. Truly adopting their favorite team’s lingo. 


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