Will Smith Adds to His Meme Trail, Another Funny Kid Video

Published 08/04/2023, 4:30 PM EDT

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Will Smith and memes share an intriguing affinity. They together craft a unique bond between the prolific actor and the world of internet humor. Renowned for his exceptional talent, Smith finds himself entangled in a delightful meme-sharing spree on his Instagram. He fervently engages his massive fan base. Whether he is the muse behind the memes or spontaneously curating them, a playful connection is evident.

Notably, amidst the Chris Rock slap controversy, Smith became the focal point of viral memes that spread like wildfire. Continuing his streak of meme-sharing antics, the Emancipation actor adds another layer of amusement.

Will Smith shares another fun video


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If Ryan Reynolds is synonymous with sharp wit, then Smith undoubtedly reigns supreme for his infectious humor and adept meme mastery. Beyond mere glimpses into his personal life, the actor’s Instagram feed is an eclectic tapestry of relatable memes. These intricately weave into his day-to-day experiences. The latest addition to his meme repertoire is a heartwarming video featuring a child accompanied by the caption, “I’m wit’ James. I don’t like nobody touchin’ my feet!


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In the heartwarming video, young James charmingly grapples with the concept of a pedicure. His innocent and puzzled response become an endearing spectacle that left Smith’s admirers utterly in awe. With endearing candor, James amusingly asserts that he wouldn’t allow anyone to touch his feet.

He cheekily reasons that he himself barely engages with his own feet. His lighthearted declaration of never passing up a free opportunity adds a delightful layer of humor and warmth to the child’s response.


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Beyond that, the Men in Black star also treats his vast audience to a treasure trove of relatable memes drawn from his own life experiences, creating a genuine and relatable connection.

Sharing laughs and relatability through memes


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Whether it’s his triumphant Instagram comeback punctuated by a comical meme-laden video or his affinity for relatable panda-themed hilarity, Smith is unreservedly embracing the exhilarating rollercoaster of fun. In a recent display of his lighthearted spirit, Smith took to his social media platform to share a playful video, playfully captioned as “Jumpin’ into another week like…” 

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Amidst the vibrant energy of a rope jumping competition, the participants fervently engage in the rhythmic dance of leaping over the twirling rope. A parallel can be drawn between this mesmerizing display of agility and Smith’s dynamic approach. It deeply mirrors the fervor with which he charges into the start of each week. Through these shared moments, Smith fosters an endearing connection with his audience.


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