3 Reasons ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Outclassed ‘Friends’, and 3 Why ‘Friends’ Is Still the Best of All Time

Published 07/24/2023, 7:16 AM EDT

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2 groups of friends having their own experiences of love and loss portrayed in 2 different shows became a global phenomenon. One of these shows was Friends, and the other was The Big Bang Theory. Both shows gave their viewers distinctive experiences despite having many similarities regarding the plot. Nevertheless, there were some things in which The Big Bang Theory outclassed the ’90s classic sitcom. And despite that, there are also reasons for the classic American sitcom is still the best of all time.

How I Met Your Mother, Two and a Half Men, The Office, Friends, The Big Bang Theory, and many more are some of the most loved shows. All these shows have their own element that makes them different from other shows. Still, the comparison between any two shows is inevitable. Therefore, we are going to give you 3 reasons for The Big Bang Theory‘s huge success along with Friends being the timeless show.

3 reasons The Big Bang Theory outclassed the ’90s sitcom


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Created by Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady, the show first aired on CBS in 2007 until 2019. Throughout the entire show, it follows the lives of 4 socially awkward friends named Leonard, Sheldon, Howard, and Raj. Their lives take a huge wild turn when they meet a stunning woman, Penny, who is a free-spirited human. Now, this 12-seasons-long sitcom has 3 major qualities that make it unique.

Better cast ensemble

Apart from a great plot and a perfect set, the cast of any show is an extremely important element. Fortunately, this 2007 sitcom showcased a more ensemble cast than Friends. A versatile actor like Simon Helberg pulled off a bizarre character like Wolowitz with aplomb.

Moreover, the guest stars like Laurie Metcalf, James Earl Jones, Christine Baranski, and many more added more value to this already talented group of cast. All the characters of The Big Bang Theory were portrayed with the utmost strength and got a justified representation.

More inclusive

The CBS sitcom also included actors from various races and regions as well, unlike Friends. The Big Bang Theory included Kunal Nayyar as a main character. Interestingly, his character, Raj Koothrapalli, was Indian and the actor accurately justified his arc. Moreover, reoccurring guest stars like Regina King added diversity to the cast as well.


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Although there could have been a more diverse cast. Nevertheless, this sitcom did a great job at managing variety in the show’s plot line than the other fan-favorite sitcom.

Character growth

Where Friends saw characters as the plot of the show, The Big Bang Theory had a more profound story about its characters. All the characters from both shows showcased significant character growth. However, The Big Bang Theory‘s characters did a much more great job. All the characters growth was strikingly visible toward the end of the sitcom.

For instance, the protagonists became more mature and accepted the change from being socially awkward and geek. One of the most significant growth of character was seen in Howard Wolowitz. From a creepy pervert to a balanced family man, Wolowitz came a long way.


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And, of course, the arc of Sheldon himself also showcased a huge and beautiful change in his character. Although characters from Friends also showcased significant development. One of the nicest examples is none other than Jennifer Aniston’s Rachel Green. However, despite these great qualities in this television series, it could not beat the timeless fan-favorite sitcom.

3 reasons for Friends being timeless and still the best

Although there are also some things in this show that could have been better. Nevertheless, other qualities of this sitcom make it a timeless piece of art. Created by David Crane and Marta Kauffman, the show ran for 10 years (the longest-running show at the time). And there are 3 reasons the show is still the most favorite sitcom.

Cultural Impact

The classic sitcom broke new ground as it instantly connected with young audiences. People from all over the world were interested in the lives of six young individuals who lived in uptown New York when globalization was just beginning.

Fans from all over the world keep watching and re-watching the show for generations that came after. With its groundbreaking character representations and their distinctive qualities, the show started to impact people on a global level.


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It is not just a comedy series as it made its viewers a part of these friends’ lives. Therefore, fans from all around the world could connect to their stories and the show became their family.

Better Finale

While The Big Bang Theory‘s finale largely focused on Sheldon Cooper, this sitcom gave more profound endings to all the characters in the show. While Chandler and Monica got their dream family, Ross and Rachel also got together. Meanwhile, Joey’s life also became stable and Phoebe got her missing family in Mike.

Although this ending definitely had some of the usual clichés. But note that things like running to the airport to save the love of your life appealed to the audience at the time. Therefore, when Ross went to stop Rachel from moving to Paris, it made fans extremely overwhelmed.

The ending of the show is still one of the saddest moments in the history of the television show endings. So, the show surely wound up with a much more satisfying ending than The Big Bang Theory.

More glamour/guest stars


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When the show started, a star like Jennifer Aniston was one of the most famous actresses. Along with her, almost all the cast members of the sitcom got memorable movies and shows to work on even while they were still working on this show. This show gave wide recognition to all the actors.

Additionally, other star actors who appeared as guests on the show added a glamour cherry on top. Stars like George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, Robin Williams, and more were already a huge name. Therefore, when they appeared on this show, they added a celebrity pump to the show’s popularity.


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While one has some good qualities, the other has better. But the common element in both shows is the value of friendship and togetherness. The Big Bang Theory‘s cast members even beautifully replicated a generous deed David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston did. Therefore, despite the differences between these 2 most-loved shows, they both share a large group of followers. Tell us which one you love the most in the comments below.



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