The Adorable Nickname Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Grandkids Gave Him

Published 09/30/2023, 3:38 PM EDT

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Even for the common people, finding a balance between family and work obligations can be challenging. While celebrity status and glamour have arguable perks, raising a family while on-set is difficult. Moreover, some projects even require the actors to travel and stay away from their families for months. Irrespective of that, there are a handful of stars who make time for their family. Fitting the bill is Arnold Schwarzenegger

The Terminator star enjoys a great family life and shares a strong bond with his kids and even grandkids. And previously, Schwarzenegger revealed the adorable nickname his grandkids gave him.

If not grandpa what do his grandkids call Arnold Schwarzenegger?


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Arnold Schwarzenegger is a family man. The Kindergarten Cop star is a perfect example of finding a balance between family and work. Schwarzenegger is a proud father and grandfather to five kids and two grandkids, respectively. A while ago, while promoting his new motivational book Be Useful: Seven Tools for Life, The Terminator star revealed the cute nickname his grandkids gave him. Speaking to PEOPLE, Schwarzenegger admitted that his granddaughters Lyla Maria and Eloise Christina call him “Opa.” 

The word Opa translates to grandfather in the German language. Elsewhere, the former Governor of California shed some light on how it feels to be a grandfather. Schwarzenegger seems to be enjoying his time as a grandfather as he revealed, “It’s just such a fun thing to do. The Terminator star admitted humbly that he was nervous about whether he would be a good grandfather. However, interestingly, his pets eased his job.


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During the interview, the actor revealed that his grandkids love to hang out with his pets. Apparently, the first thing his granddaughters ask for is his dog, Lily. Apart from Lily, the kids love to hang out with Schwarzenegger’s pets, Schnelly and Lulu. While the former bodybuilder loves his granddaughters dearly, he pampers his pets more than anybody else in his family

Interestingly, Schwarzenegger’s daughter still has her doubts about having the actor holding her kids.

Why is Katherine Schwarzenegger scared whenever the Terminator star tries to hold her daughter?


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Arnold Schwarzenegger is an incredible father. Despite complexities in his marital life, the Austrian Oak has raised his five kids impressively. However, raising five kids is not enough for Katherine Schwarzenegger to trust her dad with her kids in his arms. During his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live last year, The Terminator star made some hilarious revelations. 

While speaking about his time as a grandfather, the actor revealed that it was fantastic. He also admitted reminiscing about his time as a father when his kids were young. However, while Schwarzenegger performed all the tasks when his kids were young, his daughter Katherine was always worried when he babysit Lily. The Governator admitted, “I have never changed diapers on Lyla, because I think that Katherine is the expert gatekeeper.” 


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