Setting Trends With Halloween Costumes, Kanye West and Bianca Censori Get Turned Into “Dope” Fortnite Skins by Artist

Published 11/18/2023, 7:49 AM EST

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The world’s obsession with Kanye West and Bianca Censori is evident in all the headlines they keep popping in. Whether with Kim Kardashian in the past or now with Censori, Ye’s love life has captivated netizens for what feels like eons. Especially with the interesting outfit choices he and his current wife are known for making. Last month on Halloween, their attire from Italy was also replicated by music sensation Ozzy Osbourne and his wife.

Now, another one of Ye and Cencori’s fashion statements from their time in Tokyo has been reprised by an artist on X (previously Twitter). In the post shared by an X page, the couple’s capture from Tokyo was showcased side-by-side with an animated rendition of them as skins on Fortnite. While West was clad in his signature black garbs with a face-covering, Censori was replicated in her head-turning red leotard. 


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As amusing as the artist’s work was, this is not the first time he has inspired gaming enthusiasts. Earlier this year, Ye’s debut album: ‘The College Dropout’ also caused a game developer to conceptualize a LEGO-style video game based on the record. Evidently, the 46-year-old’s fanbase is taken with the idea of seeing their favorite artist as a gaming figure. Well, as their wishes were answered by this artist netizens could not have been more pleased.


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X users gathered in the comments section of the post to relay their approval of the skins generated by the artist.

Kanye West and Bianca Censori skins stun netizens

Known to cause a stir with their choice of outfits, the ‘Donda’ rapper and his wife served plenty of fashion statements when in Japan. Well, it seems like the artist drew inspiration from their futuristic fits and felt they were perfect for the world of Fortnite. And it is safe to say that Twitterati was thoroughly amused by the attempt. One user declared that it was a “dope” concept. The majority of netizens felt it was a job well done. 

Some found the concept to be hilarious. Meanwhile, some couldn’t help but notice that West seemed to be crying in the image that it is based on.

One user chimed in with a criticism that Ye looked “too tall” in the rendition. However, another remarked that it could easily fetch “800 fortnite vbucks” if it was brought to the game.


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Who knows, maybe Fortnite’s team comes across this post and makes it a reality. After all, nothing garners more attention than Ye and his antics nowadays. Considering how aptly the couple was portrayed, West and Censori will probably be all for it. 


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What do you think of the Fortnite skins? Share your thoughts in the comments. 



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