Score Big Laughs as Ryan Reynolds’ Hilarious Sports Comedy Now Streams for Free

Published 09/01/2023, 9:02 AM EDT

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Ryan Reynolds has a unique signature when it comes to animated roles – he stays true to his own voice, never altering it. Whether he is voicing a caveman, bringing a Pokémon to life, or giving voice to a snail, Reynolds’ distinctive vocal charm shines through. Audiences embrace this consistency with open arms. Resultant, it is this special touch that helped propel The Croods to a whopping $573 million in worldwide box office earnings.

People now have the fantastic opportunity to experience the vocal talents of the Deadpool star firsthand, and the best part–it will not cost them a dime! One of his uproarious sports comedies is now available for free streaming.

Hear the anime voiceover of Ryan Reynolds for free

Could you ever have envisioned the unlikely pairing of Reynolds and a snail? Well, step into the fanciful mystery of Turbo, currently available for free streaming on FreeVee, as per Giant Freakin Robot.  In this animated story, Reynolds lent his unmistakable charm to breathe life into Turbo, a garden snail with an audacious dream of winning the Indy 500 after a bizarre accident granted him incredible speed. With newfound abilities and a lovable band of snail friends, Turbo’s journey is heartwarming and comically delightful.

Turbo, under the Green Lantern Star’s guidance, enjoyed a mix of reviews. It also found its place in the hearts of audiences. While it did not break speed records at the box office, its respectable $282.5 million worldwide earnings against a $127 million budget spoke to its appeal, especially considering the competition. Reynolds’s star power shone brightly during the film’s promotion, drawing viewers young and old to the theaters.

It might surprise you, but Reynolds also formed part of an American animated sitcom. When did the ever-famous Family Guy welcome the father of four for a special cameo appearance?

Reynolds was in Family Guy

The actor known for his comedic prowess (evident in Deadpool) took a delightful detour into the zany world of Family Guy. He portrayed a cartoonish version of himself, clad in a snug-fitting shirt, as the Griffins’ eccentric neighbor. In a show brimming with pop culture references and celebrity parodies, Reynolds’ cameo fit right in. It showcased his knack of self-deprecating humor.

A real-life friendship played a part in this humorous venture. The Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane and Reynolds joined forces to playfully mock the actor’s public persona. His involvement in Family Guy did not stop there. Further, with additional voice appearances in the series and cheeky cameos in Seth MacFarlane’s films, Reynolds proved that he is not only a versatile actor but also a good-humored artist who can laugh at himself while entertaining audiences.

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