Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney Have Huge Plans for Wrexham’s Racecourse Ground Including Taylor Swift and Beyoncé

Published 05/17/2023, 3:00 PM EDT

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The Racecourse Ground is already going to get its capacity increased. Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney, the owners of Wrexham AFC, are treating the club and the community as their own as they are making big changes. After lending the Ground to the Kings of Leon for two days, the Wrexham FC owners have big plans that include big names like Taylor Swift and Beyoncé.

Wrexham players have been on cloud nine with their recent promotions. Meanwhile, the celebrity duo has a big plan for the development of the Racecourse Ground. For the celebration of St. David’s Day, the duo invited Kings of Leon. Now, as the band is on tour, once again, they will perform at the Racecourse Ground this month. However, Hollywood celebrities want the Welsh community to witness Taylor Swift and Beyoncé perform at the stadium as well.


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Recently, both actors appeared in the Fearless In Devotion podcast. They talked about how excited they were to host one of the biggest bands at the Wrexham Stadium. While talking about it, the Deadpool actor also mentioned how much they would enjoy hosting big celebrity singers like the ‘Anti-Hero’ singer, and ‘I’m That Girl’ singer at the Stadium.


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Meanwhile, the actor duo is working towards building a better and bigger Racecourse Ground.

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney to help create the Racecourse Ground bigger

Since the day they acquired control of Wrexham AFC, their constant efforts have been in the direction of the betterment of the club and the community. Getting more people to enjoy the exciting football matches is one of the biggest things Reynolds and McElhenney are working towards. To increase the capacity of the Racecourse Ground, the owners have donated a handsome amount of money.


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Moreover, with the recent wins of the club, the Welsh government also gave a helping hand to the development of the ground. With the increased capacity, the ground will be able to host around 16,000 people against the current capacity of 10,500.

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With the big picture in their minds, the Wrexham AFC owners are going to do everything they can to help the club and the community thrive.

What do you think about the idea of hosting Taylor Swift and Beyonce at the Racecourse? What do you think about this big dream of these Hollywood celebrities? Share your thoughts in the comments.



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