Resurfaced Clip From a Popular Will Smith Film Leaves the Fans in Awe

Published 08/18/2023, 2:43 AM EDT

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Over the years, a plethora of actors have tried their luck in Hollywood. However, only a handful have attained the level of success Will Smith has. Smith’s legendary career is not unknown to the masses. Today, it is almost impossible to find someone who has not watched a single Will Smith film or TV show. Throughout his career in Hollywood, the Men In Black actor has starred in a plethora of projects. Some of his roles, such as Agent J and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, still continue to intrigue the fans.

Recently, with the addition of Bad Boys 4, he is taking his Detective Mike Lowrey to new heights. There are, however, a handful of characters that the actor played who are not as popular or so to say underrated. Fitting the bill is Smith as Alex “Hitch” Hitchens in the 2005 romantic comedy, Hitch.


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The film performed decently at the box office, grossing over $371 million worldwide. While the film was successful at the time of its release, people forgot about it over the years. The film saw the actor in a never-seen-before role starring as a date doctor, Alex Hitch. Hitch made his living teaching men how to woo women successfully. Alongside Smith, the romantic comedy film also featured Eva Mendes as Sara and Kevin James as the shy accountant Albert who Hitch takes on his clients.

The sequence is set in a club where Hitch tries his luck with Mendes’ Sara, where he mistakes Sara to be a bartender and asks her to get his drinks. The user, Solo Culture, shared the clip on Twitter with the caption, “Will Smith Masterclass.


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Shortly after, the tweet gathered a plethora of reactions from film freaks who recalled the iconic performance.

Fans react to a re-surfaced clip of Will Smith from Hitch with Eva Mendes

The fans were in splits following the scene. It was the first time in the movie that Hitch actually struggled to use his charm on Mendes. The comment section saw a lot of users reminiscing about the scene and revealing how Hitch failed to use his own technique that he taught other men to woo women. A fan commented, “as soon he seen Eva Mendes he threw every advice he ever had out the window.” Another wrote about how all game goes out of the window when you meet THAT one girl.

A fan shared a poster of the actor labeling him at Rizz Academy. For those unaware, ‘rizz’ basically means attractiveness or the charm which the actor displayed in a commendable manner in the film.

A handful praised the film, calling it the greatest rom-com of the decade and it was surprising that Hitch did not have a remake yet.


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Did you like Hitch? Do you think it should get a remake? Comment down below.



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