Netflix to Walk On Spotify’s Footsteps? Sussexes’ Bombshell ‘Harry & Meghan’ Unlikely to Be Renewed for a Follow-Up

Published 06/19/2023, 12:30 AM EDT

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Cancel culture on social media and the unpopularity faced by the Duke and the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, and Prince Harry are going through a serious streak of bad luck for now. With the series of unfortunate events that are unfolding for the couple, there have been no public replies or reactions from them yet. Since the losses faced by Spotify, there has been a terrible backlash aimed at the Sussexes and their  $25 million deal. However, just when we thought things could not get any worse, Netflix might change its plans with the estranged couple’s $100 million deals, suggest the latest reports.

Meghan Markle’s Spotify podcast was under a lot of scrutiny from the public eye. The award-winning podcast came under a closer tab when the Swedish giant started laying off its staff in masses. Thus, miffed by the lack of content, the audio company declared that Archetypes won’t have a second season.

How well did Harry & Meghan do in the deal with Netflix?  


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Typically show or a program gets canceled for the second season due to low viewership or listenership. This leads to low advertising and subscription revenues. However, in this case, even if the podcast was quite popular at the beginning, it eventually gathered a lot of negative feedback.


Following Spotify, the American giant, Netflix, might make a few changes too. The bombshell of docuseries, which was Harry & Meghan, was one of the most viewed docu-series on Netflix for the longest time. However, according to a report by The Sun, the higher-ups at Netflix think that the couple’s story has ‘no more squeeze‘ left. And probably their explosive docuseries might not get a follow-up as well. The sources have, in fact, confirmed that the bosses called Markle ignorant discreetly and said that she cannot grasp the economic reality.


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The humiliating remarks on the Sussexes, by the company’s representatives, have furthered severed the ties with the giant.


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What is the current situation of their multi-million deals with the giants? 

It is no doubt that Prince Harry will continue his feature in the Invictus game series. The Heart of Invictus is all set for a release later this year. Nonetheless, the Spotify deal has cost the couple a bit too much. Leave alone the fallout. The backlash against the duo by the bosses of the company has been shocking as well.


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The head of the podcast section of Spotify, Bill Simmons made some stirring remarks in his latest podcast, causing a lot of tension. He said that the couple’s podcast should have been called ‘The f***ing grifters‘ and he could give some great ideas to Prince Harry for podcasts while he was drunk. Having termed them an embarrassment to the company, Simmons launched a full-scale blistering attack on the Duke.

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