Millie Bobby Brown Shares Her Top Pick for Eleven’s Iconic Wardrobe

Published 04/30/2023, 8:30 PM EDT

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Millie Bobby Brown has become another definition of style and fashion among the youth. At such a young age, she owns her own successful skincare brand, Florence By Mills and has been the lead cast of the most successful show in the history of Netflix, AKA Stranger Things. And no matter how popular or famous she becomes and all the roles she plays, people will always remember her as Eleven.

A current example of her popularity as Eleven was seen when she appeared at a talk in Dortmund. While people questioned her about a lot of things, one of her fans asked her about her favorite outfit, Eleven. Brown paused for a second and counter-questioned the fan, to which she replied that she loved them all. Ultimately, the 18-year-old said that her favorite outfit from Eleven was the jumpsuit she wore at the beginning of Season 3 of the show.


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The short jumpsuit was actually very iconic with a black base and a mix of varied designs and colors. Notably, Eleven’s character had a makeover in almost every season of the show.

While initially she was introduced to hospital clothes, she gradually shifted from boys’ clothes to dungarees, which were huge back then. In season 4, once again we saw a wardrobe change, wherein she wore a lot of plaid.


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However, it was the third season of the show, which initially brought a huge wardrobe change for Eleven’s character.

How did Millie Bobby Brown end up in a jumpsuit in season 3?


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This new fashion made its way into the show when “The Mall” was introduced. In the very first episode of the third season, Max’s character, played by Sadie Sink, whose clothes in season 4 told a story of their own, takes Eleven to the Mall and gives her a complete makeover. The sassy jumpsuit was a part of it.

The credit for introducing this piece of style goes to the makers who worked really hard on the 80s fashion. Although jumpsuits made their way in the early 1900s, they were relaunched with a new touch in the 80s. There were added batwing sleeves and more tapered legs, which became the identity of jumpsuits in that decade.


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Brown’s character had some of the most iconic wardrobe changes over the years in the show. The reason why people love her character is not just her acting but the apt clothing changes and makeovers over time.

What are your thoughts about Brown’s choice of Eleven’s favorite outfit? Tell us in the comments which one of her dresses you love the most.



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