“kissing him…is like”-Morena Baccarin Once Recalled Her Peculiar Experience of Kissing Ryan Reynolds in ‘Deadpool’ Film

Published 11/03/2023, 12:26 AM EDT

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Ryan Reynolds is arguably one of the biggest actors in Hollywood. Over the years, the Canadian actor has starred in some incredibly successful films and shows. However, his breakthrough role remains to be in Deadpool. The wise-cracking anti-hero’s legacy in the industry is not unknown to the masses. Apart from Reynolds, the entire cast also played a significant role in contributing to the movie’s success. While Deadpool carved a special place in the hearts of the audience, not everyone working on the movie had a smooth time.

Speaking of a smooth time, Morena Baccarin did not have one due to one particular scene. And back in 2018, she recalled that peculiar incident from the movie.

Morena Baccarin’s description of a scene alongside Ryan Reynolds will leave you in splits


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Deadpool became such a massive hit among the fans because of the diversity of elements it introduced to the lead character. While the film greatly explored Wade Wilson’s witty humor and commendable combat skills, it did not leave behind the romance factor with Morena Baccarin’s Vanessa. However, Baccarin was not a fan of kissing the Merc with a Mouth in the movie. During an interview with People in 2018, she got candid about her experience of kissing Reynolds in the Deadpool outfit.

Describing the scene ahead of Deadpool 2’s release, Baccarin hilariously explained, “I keep saying that kissing him in that mask is like kissing a giant latex c*ndom.” However, she clarified that it was not Reynolds but the material in his costume that caused the same. Baccarin added that the material in the character’s outfit smelled like rubber the entire time.

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The actress also revealed the difficulties she had to face whilst working alongside an actor in a completely covered suit. However, despite her struggles, the actress managed to deliver an impactful performance. However, as the film is set to return with a third installment, Baccarin’s involvement still remains uncertain.

Will Morena Baccarin return for Deadpool 3?


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Morena Baccarin’s contribution to Deadpool 2’s massive success has been significant. The actress starred as Vanessa Carlysle, Reynolds’ love interest in the two installments of the movie. However, as the superhero film will soon return for a threequel, the actress’s involvement in Deadpool 3 is up in the air. As per reports by Variety, Marvel and the actress are having certain agreement problems and are yet to reach an agreement.

Moreover, the Greenland actress’s character had a tragic ending towards the end of the second installment of the film. Despite that, she played a key role in guiding the Merc with a mouth throughout the film. Most importantly, she helped in making Wade Wilson realize the power of love. With Deadpool 3 bringing many characters from different timelines, the chances of Baccarin’s return are only high.


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