Jaden Smith Throws Shade With a Smile on Will Smith’s Latest Fresh Prince Post

Published 08/26/2023, 8:19 AM EDT

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The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, starring Will Smith, remains a pop culture icon. With its 90s brilliance, it earns comparisons to modern hits like How I Met Your Mother and The Office. The show’s triumph can be attributed to a medley of factors: Smith’s magnetic charm that leaps through the screen, a standout ensemble cast that oozes brilliance, and its unwavering exploration of pertinent social issues. This even caught the admiration of Brazilian artist Fábio Gomes Trindade.

Even with his immense success, the Aladdin actor exudes humility, a quality that beautifully illuminated the artist’s Instagram post. Diving into this family narrative, Jaden Smith also joined the saga, sprinkling some witty remarks on his father’s post.

Will Smith and his Fresh Prince attract wits from Jaden Smith

The beloved 90s sitcom still stands as the most iconic television role of the Men in Black actor’s career. In the midst of numerous artistic tributes to the show and Smith, the Brazilian artist’s wall mural shone uniquely. He skillfully fashioned natural hairstyles from trees, lending the Fresh Prince portrayal an exceptional touch. After Smith reshared the post, it caught the eye of his son, Jaden Smith, who added a clever comment that hit the mark perfectly, all while being an understated gem of a response.


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Adding his voice to the post, he playfully penned, “This is a flex dad”. While Smith, as an actor, isn’t short on showcasing his wealth, accomplishments, and accolades, being a featured element in Trindade’s street creation in Goiás amounted to a grand showcase of his own prowess. It was undeniably a source of pride, though not flaunted forward with arrogance. Rather, the Emancipation star humbly directed the spotlight towards Trindade, offering a compliment as generous and shining as the artwork itself.

No matter how clever the comment might be, there’s no denying that the father-son duo exudes a delightful and playful chemistry that’s as enjoyable as it is infectious.

The undeniable charm of the father-son duo

Just a month back, as Jaden Smith marked his 25th birthday, his dad and co-star from The Pursuit of Happyness chimed in with a clever remark about his son’s future fatherhood aspirations. Playfully, he poked fun at his own experience, mentioning how he became a father at 25 – a witty nod to their unique bond.


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This friendly teasing quickly prompted Smith to reply with a playful “Why, Dad?” for the second time. Jaden Smith has undoubtedly followed in his father’s footsteps while climbing the success ladder in Hollywood. Yet, when it comes to the realm of parenting, will the son find himself stepping into his father’s shoes once more? Only time holds the answer, but the enjoyable rapport between them is undoubtedly destined to remain timeless.

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