Is James Cameron Making an OceanGate Film on Titan Submersible Implosion?

Published 07/16/2023, 6:00 AM EDT

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Hollywood is no stranger to casting rumors. Over the years, countless rumors surrounding an actor’s involvement or a director leading a movie have surfaced online. As soon as a new film is announced, fans are quick to start discussions about the ideal actors for the roles to begin. Moreover, a lot of times, fake casting announcements cause a lot of disquiet than real announcements. Likewise, a rumor involving James Cameron directing a Titan submersible implosion surfaced.

So the real question arises: is James Cameron actually directing the film on the tragic Titan submersible implosion? Let’s find out!

Will James Cameron take bring the story of Titan submersible to our screens?


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James Cameron is perhaps one of the most successful and established filmmakers in the industry today. Throughout his career as a filmmaker, Cameron has delivered some of Hollywood’s finest films. However, a huge credit for his success as a filmmaker goes to the record-smashing and award-winning film Titanic. Not long ago, when OceanGate’s Titan submersible’s tragic undersea implosion occurred, rumors suggested that Cameron would be making a film on the same. However, not long ago, the Avatar director took to Twitter online as he cleared the air around the same. Reacting to the rumors, Cameron revealed that he is “NOT” directing any such project and denied any involvement in the same.

Interestingly, the Avatar fame added that he would never be involved in the same even if ever happens in the future. As we all know, June 18 was a shocking day as nearly 5 people lost their lives on a submarine expedition to see the Titanic ruins. Among those who were a part of the casualty was the controversial OceanGate CEO Stockton Rush.


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Not long ago, The Sun shared how Cameron was approached for a series based on the Titan submersible disaster. However, hearing Cameron speak, there seems to be no project in development. Moreover, Cameron had interesting things to say about the undersea explosion.

What James Cameron had to say about the Titan submersible disaster


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As we all know, 18th June witnessed a terrible tragedy as nearly 5 people died during the submarine journey. Reports suggest that it was because of a “catastrophic implosion” that the submarine drowned. Cameron revealed to ABC News, that even prior to starting their journey underwater the divers were “deeply concerned.”

Moreover, the Titanic director added how he could not help but connect the tragedy to the 1992 where the Titanic sank. Elsewhere in the interview, Cameron spoke about the incident in great detail as he explained how it was surreal that the incident took place right there.


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