How Hollywood’s It Girl Sydney Sweeney Is Matching Steps With Legendary Scarlett Johansson to Birth a New Fashion Trend

Published 06/03/2023, 7:00 PM EDT

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The Mark Waters-directed 2004 film, Mean Girls, in the lead role has become the crux of all things pop culture for many reasons. However, its most noteworthy aspects are the costumes and fashion statements. It is because of the movie that the red leather mini skirts have become a cult classic costume not just during Halloween but also on Christmas. But now, in 2023, another smartly curated fashion moment from the movie is becoming the talk of the town owing to Sydney Sweeney and Scarlett Johansson.

At a crucial point in the movie, Lohan’s character wore a strapless dress in order to win Aaron Samuels by ditching her friends. The scene used her motive to gain attention as currency. And this was highlighted by the red bra strap that peaked through her dress. And in the words of Mary Jane Fort, the costume designer of the movie, it was a “fashion statement”. It is unclear when the lines blurred and an undergarment peeking out became a “wardrobe malfunction“, but the trusted fashion girlies of Hollywood are bringing it back.

The ‘exposed bra’ trend gets Sydney Sweeney and Scarlett Johansson certified


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Much like most of the world, the fashion industry also had to sit down and reflect following the pandemic. And this resulted in the resurgence of many vintage fashion trends, albeit sprinkled with a modern touch. This phenomenon is popularly termed Y2K. And the ‘exposed bra’ trend, as it has come to be called, is all the buzz in the town. Especially as top actresses, Sydney Sweeney and Scarlett Johansson wholeheartedly put their trust in it at the Cannes Film Festival 2023. While the Euphoria actress opted it for a more casual outing, Black Widow stole the center stage by incorporating it into her red carpet dress.

This was a huge scale-up from the past years when a peak of the undergarments would result in massive exploitation of the actresses. And Sydney Sweeney and Scarlett Johansson have been popular victims of such exploitation.

As the actresses embrace what would earlier be used against them as a “wardrobe malfunction,” one can’t help but acknowledge what an absolute power move it is. And while it’s a first for Johansson, Sweeney often likes to throw caution to the wind with her red carpet looks.

The Euphoria actress and her love for risqué outfits

If there is one actress who wholeheartedly believes in the vision of the stylist and becomes the perfect muse each time, it is Sydney Sweeney. She has a penchant for making heads turn with each red carpet outfit.


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That the ‘exposed bra’ trend is being associated with Sydney Sweeney can best be described as destiny. While it has only emerged paramount now, Sweeney has tried variations of it with sheer dresses and no shirt, only bra outfits. Moreover, Sweeney is also the face of a bikini collection that boasts of a high-fashion bra. Now that the actress has worn it, it is only a matter of time before it becomes THE summer fashion trend.


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