From Kanye West vs Taylor Swift to One Direction Booed, Top 5 MTV VMA Moments That We Can Never Forget

Published 08/27/2023, 7:23 PM EDT

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When it comes to Tinseltown and its flag bearers, you can expect the wildest of things to unfold before your eyes. The ethos of pop culture evolved eventually over the decades. However, there are some major incidents in history that made it catapult from one level to another. Not just with the type of music, but with some of the most infamous feuds, controversies, and some wholesome beginning of a new life, the music industry had its face changed forever. The MTV Video Music Awards return on September 12 to the Prudential Center for the second consecutive year.

In light of the same, here are some chosen pages from the history of the prestigious Award Ceremony that have forever remained imprinted in our hearts. 

Britney Spears and Madonna sharing a smooch


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Beginning in the year 2003, the landmark that brought the entire world’s attention to America was not President George W. Bush’s mission-accomplished speech but Britney Spears and Madonna’s on-screen kiss at the MTV VMA. The two sent shockwaves throughout the entire audience, as their kiss spawned an entire generation of homosexual relationships. Publications worldwide described it as “a perfect raunchy open mouth” kiss, and it was indeed. 

However, fans to this day, remember the 2003 highlight as an infamous firestorm amongst the masses. The duo even recreated the same at Spears’ wedding. Congratulating her for her new beginnings, Madonna smooched her lips on camera at the center of the celebration.

Kanye West vs. Taylor Swift – Round One

Six years hence into the future, in 2009, the world witnessed a Top G rapper eventually establish his foot in the Industry. Kanye West, the controversial rapper, was setting the bars high for the murky domain of music. However, marking one of his first-ever controversial executions, West got into severe bad blood with the major pop icon, Taylor Swift. The Donda rapper stormed into the Love Story singer while she accepted her award on stage. 

The two had always been involved in their on-off dispute from time to time before the resolution. They have, however, resolved their differences publicly over the years. Swift recently revealed her feelings towards the infamous incident with a heartfelt prologue.

Lady Gaga: Meat Dress Outrage of Mother Monster 

Following the same came yet another controversial yet historical moment at the MTV VMA that transversed through international boundaries. In the year 2010, the mother monster stunningly mothered in a meat dress made entirely of pure, raw beef. Designed by Franc Fernandez, the raw flank steak was cut into an asymmetrical shape with a cowled neck cut. It reportedly came from his family’s butcher and required Lady Gaga to fit into the ensemble backstage. 

Various organizations, including animal rights groups and religious communities all over the world, condemned the move, creating quite a ruckus over the internet. Lady Gaga, however, had her own reasons that even popular vegans of the time like Ellen DeGeneres also somewhat concurred with.


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According to the music Titan, she wore the dress in defiance of the US military: don’t ask, don’t tell policy. Speaking to the world-renowned host, Gaga confessed, “If we don’t stand up for what we believe in and if we don’t fight for our rights[,] pretty soon we’re going to have as many rights as the meat on our bones”.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z declaring their duo’s soon transformation into a trio

Taking a break from the controversies, 2011 brought us sweet moments on stage. While Music Titans set the stage ablaze on the VMA show of 2011, Beyoncé made it what fans call one of the most iconic nights in music history ever. To announce her first pregnancy with daughter Ivy, the superstar songstress dazzled in a comfortable fit, cradling her not-so-big baby bump on stage. 

Belting out ‘Love On Top’ the star paired the stretchy pants with a purple sequined Dolce & Gabbana blazer, and a white button-down shirt like her bestie, Meghan Markle’s favorite. Completing the look, she wore platform heels in combination with her dress. She and her hip-hop husband, Jay-Z, were expecting her first child and were delighted to spill the beans to the world. 

One Direction night changing boos


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Revisiting one more heartbreaking moment in the history of VMAs, this goes back to the 2013 unfortunate mishap for all the One Direction fans. The British quintet was delighted to win the Moonman for the Best Song of the Summer. However, it was disappointing to see just how fast the night really changed. As the youngsters stepped up to accept the award, the audience present heckled the band with an unmistakable rhythm of boos. 

The exact reason behind such outrage for one of the most fan-favorite bands of pop culture ever is still unknown. However, many presumed that the non-1-D fans were left upset over other deserving tracks getting sidelined. The one celebrity who stood tall with the youngsters was Lady Gaga. As mentioned earlier, she has forever been quite frank about voicing her beliefs. “I just want to tell you that you deserve every bit of success that you have, ” she said to the Harry Styles-led boy band backstage. 


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What were your top most unforgettable moments from the MTV VMA? Let us know in the comments below. 




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