‘Friends’ Diva Jennifer Aniston Got Caught Revisiting the 90s Fashion in Beverly Hills

Published 08/29/2023, 6:40 AM EDT

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The NBC sitcom, Friends, gave its hardcore fans a beautiful definition of genuine friendship and love. Along with the warmth and comfort, the show also gave some of the iconic fashion statements of the 90s. The key cast member who directly represented the fashion world was none other than Jennifer Aniston. The American diva still makes grand style statements and her fans are all for it. Recently, the Friends actress got caught revisiting the ’90s fashion and made a firm style statement.

The Cake actress has always made her stance clear as far as styling herself is concerned. With her recent appearance in elegant and simple attire, the actress stunned her fans.

Jennifer Aniston made a style statement in Beverly Hills


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The 54-year-old actress is one of the most influential entities in Hollywood. Earlier this week, she went for dinner night at Funke restaurant where she donned a beautiful black slip dress with simple sandals. As any other woman, Aniston also wore a handful of gold jewelry flaunting the 90s look. Interestingly, she did not overdo her makeup as it was a classic and radiant look, per Daily Mail.

Her simple and black sandals highlighted her foot tattoo of her dog. The Horrible Bosses actress is a dog-lover. She had a dog named Norman who passed away. However, she was extremely attached to him, as she was rarely seen without Norman. He had been with her through the thick and thin. Even when Aniston and Brad Pitt parted ways, Norman was there to support and love her.


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While slaying the delightful look, the actress also seemed happy and relaxed as she hopped back into her car. To ensure her safe return, the bodyguard escorted her to her car. This is not the first time the Murder Mystery actress made a style statement. Recently, during her interview with the Wall Street Journal, Aniston also revealed her go-to comfort clothes.

The Friends diva feels comfortable in simple clothes


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No one wants to be tied in a heavy and tight dress for a certain period. Therefore, the moment one removes those heavy attires from their body and slides into their comfortable clothes is the most satisfying moment. The Primetime Emmy Award-winning actress revealed her favorite go-to clothes are Levi’s jeans and a T-shirt with a pair of shoes.

She takes pride in her character, Rachel Green’s style. Did you know, the Golden Globe Award-winning actress still has a handful of things from Rachel’s closet? Well, it is not surprising for the Rachel fans. Because they know how much Jennifer Aniston and Rachel Green are alike as far as their styles are concerned.


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This only goes to show how much the actors still love the show. With her recent style statement, Aniston sent fans down memory lane and revisited her iconic dresses in Friends. What do you think about it? How did you like the beautiful black dress of the actress? Tell us in the comments below.



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