5 Superheroes Sydney Sweeney Can Ace, as Her Superhero Rumors Get Air From Insider

Published 06/29/2024, 2:34 AM EDT

Of all the recent time actors who have undergone a remarkable transformation, evolving from entry-level teen drama stars to sought-after Hollywood talents, Sydney Sweeney leads the list. Her versatility proven throughout her latest flicks has earned her a spot among the industry's leading ladies having already worked against veterans of the field. As she continues to push boundaries, showcasing her growth as a rising star in Tinseltown, more complex roles, including superheroes and anti-heroines, alike, might soon knock at her door.

Given her trajectory throughout the type of movies she has done in the recent past, it would be fair enough to say that the actress is now all in to take on real roles coming out of the rom-com bubble. 

Black Cat


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Sydney Sweeney's youthful energy, coy charm, and enticing blend of sex appeal and talent make her an ideal fit for the complex and fascinating character of the cunning Black Cat. Her previous experience playing a Spider-Person in Madame Web (albeit a forgettable one) and her will to do more alongside fan favorites like Zendaya, demonstrates her affinity with the Marvel universe. Moreover, given her undeniable physical resemblance to Felicia Hardy, it makes her a compelling choice to bring the anti-heroine to life.

Emma Frost

Sydney Sweeney might not scream the typical "schemer," but she has the range to pull off Emma Frost's complex aura. She has undoubtedly got the looks and the physique, required. Moreover, being a fashionista herself, she would nail Frost, who is known to be the most stylish Marvel character of all. With her acting skills, the Anyone But You would bring depth to the character's icy exterior and fiery personality.

Black Canary

As far as Black Canary is concerned, the Euphoria actress would be a decent fit. She has the physicality and athletic build to pull off the character's intense action sequences, thanks to her MMA training. Moreover, there are no second thoughts about her acting chops to meet the required rough-and-tough aura of the DC superwoman. With her combat skills and emotional range, Sweeney would excel as Black Canary. 

Power Girl

For quite a while now Sydney Sweeney has been a knockout choice for Power Girl, the Earth-2 Supergirl. Time and again fans have envisioned the 26-year-old showcase her dynamic likeness on a comic book cover which ultimately proves her potential to bring this alt-superhero to life. While there has been no such word from the DC universe, Sweeney could convincingly portray Power Girl's bold, assertive personality and heroic prowess, making her a top contender for the role.


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Jean Grey

While Sydney Sweeney may not be the first choice that comes to mind when thinking of Jean Grey, she has the potential to bring a fresh and exciting take to the role. As one of the most powerful mutants in the Marvel universe, Jean Grey's character is demanding that Sweeney has already demonstrated in her previous roles like Emmaculate. Given the chance, Sweeney could surprise fans and shift the bars higher than ever before.


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