Fans Claim Henry Cavill was Reloading His Biceps Way Before He Did in ‘Mission Impossible: Fallout’

Published 04/12/2023, 5:30 AM EDT

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When he entered the big doors of Hollywood, Henry Cavill had perhaps decided to never turn back. And 10 years later, he is witnessing himself achieve this dream, championing every challenge, and meeting every target, with one milestone at a time. From his looks to his British heritage, multilingual personality, and physique- Cavill has certainly brooded himself to be a skillful performer. And well, it seems like the secret ingredient to Cavill’s breathtaking and reforming performances perhaps lies in “reloading” his biceps.

Well, if you are a true Cavill fan, you must know what we are talking about. However, just in case you missed it or could not recall, the allusion here is to his viral arm reload in Mission Impossible: Fallout. Henry Cavill apparently reloaded his biceps in the bathroom fight scene of the movie. And after the movie premiered, it almost became a thing among fans. However, it seems like it was not the only time Cavill pulled a move like that.


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Long before his 2018 action thriller, Cavill’s Man of Steel had already invented that move. A recent viral clip from his 2013 superhero movie shows the 39-year-old British actor loosening his body and pumping his upper hand for what seems to be a breathtaking fight. His Superman suit perfectly showed off his grand physique and Cavill too made the most out of it. But the one who takes away the most is plainly his huge fanbase as they waste no time to prove their two cents on the same.

Henry Cavill reloading his biceps has fans speculating

While Cavill is no longer a part of either of the franchise, fans could not stop talking about his Superman. Some present the BTS to the infamous Mission Impossible scene; others state, “He was building up his technique to this one moment.”

Another fan hilariously alludes to the belief that he did that stunt and magically grew a beard.

Fans also wittily change the name from ‘Man of Steel’ to ‘Guns of Steel.’

Furthermore, while some call him their GOAT, others say “he can punch me and I will thank him.”


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While you will not get to see these pumps in either of the gigs discussed here, his upcoming spy movies and the live-action adaptation of Warhammer 40K may have him show off some truly cool actions.


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