Despite Jenna Ortega and Pedro Pascal Announcements, Variety’s Famous Series Gets Fans Excited for This Surprising Celebrity Pairing

Published 05/28/2023, 4:30 PM EDT

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The beginning of 2023 saw the rise of young talents like Jenna Ortega, with actors like Pedro Pascal breaking their shells and exploring other genres. All these actors have appeared in interviews several times on TV and on red carpets, now being interviewed by renowned TV hosts. However, what sounds more exciting is an actor interviewing another.

Regarding actors interviewing their fellow mates, nothing can beat Variety’s Actors on Actors segment. The show has been going on for more than 17 seasons and will feature multiple stars in its eighteenth season this year. The talk show just released the list of actors’ pairings who will be a part of it this year.


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This year’s list features young actors like Ortega and Ellen Fanning, with some old A-listers like Jennifer Coolidge and Jennifer Garner. However, there is one pair, people are looking forward to watching, and that is Katherine Heigl & Ellen Pompeo.


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Heigl and Pompeo starred together in Grey’s Anatomy, about a decade ago until Heigl left the show in 2010. Let’s see what people are expecting from this duo.

Why are fans so excited about Katherine Heigl and Ellen Pompeo more than Jenna Ortega’s appearance?

These two actresses have worked together for a long time, but it was about a decade ago. On Saturday, numerous duos were revealed, but what sets Kat and Ellen apart is that they haven’t had a public conversation in quite a while. This upcoming discussion would be their first since Katherine’s departure from Grey’s Anatomy amidst controversy.

Moreover, fans are most excited for them to be back after so long, even if it’s for a talk show.

Though there are other actors, this duo is most likely to bring back the nostalgia. And the enthusiasm fans have for the same speaks it all.


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We all absolutely love it when our favorite actors open up about their personal lives on TV. The life where they are just normal humans like us and are weird in their own ways. Actors on Actors will bring that reality in front of us while actors spill a lot of beans about their past experiences. Let’s see if the fan-favorite Grey’s Anatomy reunion brings out the dirt from a decade ago.

What are your thoughts about Heigl and Pompeo on Actors on Actors? Spill the beans out in the comments.



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