Bianca Censori Shares a Surprising Similarity to Kanye West’s Ex-wife Kim Kardashian

Published 08/17/2023, 2:13 AM EDT

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Kanye West might be one of the biggest artists in the world, but that does not keep him out of the routine conspiracies and controversies. In fact, Ye is very high up on everybody’s list of the most controversial celebrities. Following his split from Kim Kardashian last year, the designer seems to have found happiness with his new wife, former Yeezy architectural designer, Bianca Censori, who is now the Head of Architecture at the brand.

Along with the many similarities that fans have noticed between Kanye West’s ex-wife and his new one, one surprising similarity slipped through their fingers.

Bianca Censori’s surprising similarity to Kim Kardashian


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Any Keeping Up With The Kardashians fan knows the Kardashians share a very close bond. If there is one thing that momager Kris Jenner taught them, it would be to stick together. Just like Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe Kardashian, Bianca Censori also has two sisters with whom she shares a similar family dynamic. Even though Bianca Censori tends to stay very low-key and away from social media, the rest of her family does not.

The news about her family broke only after a post by one of her sisters was found on Instagram. As per Hola!, the photo, which has since been deleted, was a throwback that featured Bianca Censori with her two sisters, Angelina Censori and Alyssia Censori, along with their mom, Alexandra Censori, in complete Kardashian fashion. Looks like Kanye might have traded one clan for another with the Censoris.

The similarities, however, do not end there. The Yeezy employee and the reality star have been compared to each other by many fans that say Kanye West might not be completely over his ex-wife Kim Kardashian.

Is Kanye West making Bianca Censori another Kardashian look alike?

Ever since the news broke that Kanye West had tied the knot again, the speculations began flying. Fans initially did not make things easy for Bianca Censori. From being called a rebound to an opportunist and more, in a year, she has changed how fans see her, literally. The already gorgeous Bianca Censori decided to go the West way with a complete transformation of her usual look.


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From the clothes to the make-up, Bianca Censori seemed to be slowly transforming into another Kim Kardashian look alike. The reason for her to be resembling Kardashian so much was Kanye West dressing her up. For Ye’s fashion sense, it is a known fact that he loves dressing up his muses. Considering that people are talking about a man that has had the same style for years, it should not be surprising that he is putting Bianca Censori in outfits that make us think of Kim Kardashian instead. After all, she was his muse for years.


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