Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Returning to One of His Most Iconic 80’s Roles? Directors Drop Hints

Published 08/26/2023, 8:29 AM EDT

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When Arnold Schwarzenegger won a Golden Globe for his first-ever film: Stay Hungry, Hollywood knew there was no stopping the 7-time Mr. Olympia champion. Through iconic roles like the relentless Terminator and the valiant Conan, he has proven himself to be a great actor. Beyond the explosive stunts, his ability to embody diverse characters with charisma and intensity makes his performances stand out. 

Schwarzenegger’s unique blend of charm and brawn has not only entertained millions but also endeared him to generations of fans. And one of his oldest roles from a fan-favorite franchise may be revived soon!

Danny Glover and Arnold Schwarzenegger may reunite for this


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After Predator became a blockbuster, the Schwarzenegger-led flick was turned into a franchise. The directors for its latest sequel, Prey recently addressed prospects of his and Danny Glover’s return in an interview with Variety. Dan Trachtenberg said that since both actors are “still around” it would “be awesome” to have them in a Prey sequel.

Although Schwarzenegger was also approached for another sequel from the franchise previously, he refused the film. Addressing this, Trachtenberg remarked that “there’s still time” for Terminator actor and Glover to make a comeback.


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While the 76-year-old’s fans cross their fingers in the hope that this comes true, the director of Prey has his hands full with something else. Because Trachtenberg will have an important role to play in the final season of Stranger Things.

Stranger Things Season 5 will have a special episode

After directing an episode of Black Mirror for Netflix, Trachtenberg recently took on the job of directing a particular episode for Netflix’s Stranger Things. He also revealed to Variety that “before the strike” he was preparing for what would be an “awesome” episode. Calling the Duffer Brothers “incredible” he remarked that he has a lot “in common” with them.


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As the final season nears its release date, the show’s creators are gearing up to answer some long-standing questions through season 5. Fans of Trachtenberg’s works are just as “excited” to see this episode as they are for another Schwarzenegger flick!


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Do you think that Arnold Schwarzenegger will return to the Predator franchise? Or do you think he will refuse it again like he did before? Share your thoughts in the comments.



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