After Establishing a Pet Clothing Line Millie Bobby Brown Wants to You Meet Dogs That Need a Home

Published 08/18/2023, 7:41 AM EDT

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Millie Bobby Brown is undoubtedly a jack of all trades. Perhaps one of the most successful actresses in the industry, Brown has carved a niche out for herself at a very young age. The 19-year-old actor started her career at a young age and within a few years has gathered one of the largest fan bases in the industry. The Stranger Things star is massively influential among the fans and uses her influence to the best of her abilities. Apart from her glorious and successful acting career, Brown leads a very interesting life beyond the screens.

Despite being one of the most established actresses in the industry, Brown does not shy away from doing things she loves. The actress’ love for animals is not unknown to the masses. And recently, another instance of her adoration for dogs surfaced online.

Millie Bobby Brown takes to Instagram to raise awareness for dogs


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Millie Bobby Brown is a huge dog lover. The actress’s fan base is no stranger to her love of furred animals. While her love for dogs knows no bounds, the actress also helps find shelter for the pets. Brown, who nearly has 64 million followers on her Instagram, is among the few Hollywood actors who actually use their influence to help those in need. During her recent Instagram strip, Brown shared the story of Chloe, a dog who she wants to find a loving home for.


The Enola Holmes star shared a video of Chloe’s incredible transformation. The 2-minute video featured Chloe, a stray dog who was malnourished after birthing seven babies, and her incredible transformation over the past month. Alongside sharing an adorable glimpse of the dog, Brown even urged people to adopt her and become a part of Chloe’s success story. In addition to Chloe, Brown also shared pictures of other dogs helping them find a home.


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How many pets do the Stranger Things star have?


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Millie Bobby Brown surely loves being around animals and her house is the biggest proof of it. As surprising as it sounds, the actress nearly has over 8 pets in her home. Firstly, Brown has four dogs named Winnie, Pepperoni, Marley, and Luna. In addition to that, she also has 2 cats.

As surprising as it sounds, the British actress even houses a rabbit and a tortoise at home. Apart from being an adorable and caring pet parent, the actress fosters cats and dogs and even helps them find the right home.


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