The Reason David Schwimmer Might Be Everyone’s Favorite ‘Friends’ Actor on Set

Published 08/30/2023, 7:46 AM EDT

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Everyone who loved the NBC sitcom, Friends, will most likely remember David Schwimmer, who played Ross Geller on the show. While Schwimmer might be most known for his role in the sitcom, he is also a director and producer. But whether you love or hate his character Ross Geller, there is no denying that the actor is extremely good at what he does. The Pallbearer actor also bagged an SAG award in 1996 for his depiction of the character on the show. While it may be one of his most popular roles, it is not the only award that the 56-year-old has in his collection.

Apart from his outstanding acting, there was one incident that stood out among the writers of the series. And that might just tell you why Schwimmer might be the favorite Friends actor.

David Schwimmer is an on-set favorite


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In her memoir, End Credits: How I Broke Up With Hollywood, the Friends writer Patty Lin detailed her time on the show and even her interactions with the cast. But the one that has stuck with the writer is when she was playing an extra and was given directions by the director of the episode, who was none other than David Schwimmer.

While filming the episode, The One With All The Candy, the actor addressed Lin by her name. And that seemed to throw the writer for a spin, leaving her absolutely thrilled that the world-renowned actor actually knew her name. The writer also went on to say “That night was the high point of my Friends experience.”

That was not all. In her memoir, Patty Lin also mentioned that “it takes so little for a celebrity to seem like a decent person.” But also said that David Schwimmer’s interaction with her made her feel like she “had something to do with the show.” 

How many Friends episodes did Schwimmer direct?

From Harrison Ford’s Seven Days and Seven Nights to romance comedies like Run Fatboy Run, David Schwimmer has a huge list of achievements to his name. But unlike his character on Friends, the actor seems to be loved by fans, writers, and directors alike. Meanwhile, 0ne not-so-common fact is that Schwimmer directed around ten episodes of the sitcom.


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Some significant episodes that David Schwimmer directed include the one with the confusion regarding the red sweater and the one where Monica, who was played by Courtney Cox, and Chandler, portrayed by Matthew Perry, met the future birth mother of their twins, Anna Faris. It is not surprising that Schwimmer is one of the most loved actors in the show, considering how much effort he put into making the show what he wanted it to be.


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