Gut-Busting Stranger Things and Squid Game Comparison Can Give You Big Trust Issues

Published 06/02/2022, 11:30 AM EDT

Netflix can easily be credited for giving the world two of the most popular shows in the 21st century. The greatest thing about both the said show is that although they belong to different genres, they still have a major connection. One is a political commentary on the current economic situation of Korea. And the other is an ode to the 80s horror genre. Yes! You guys guessed it Squid Game and Stranger Things.

On their surface, both shows couldn’t be more different. However, all great works of art have a connection in one way or another. And in the fourth season of Stranger Things, we got to see what the record-breaking Netflix Original has in common with Squid Gamesand it is absolutely chilling.

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Relation between Stranger Things and Squid Game

The newest season of Stranger Things was insane in every aspect. We got to know a lot of new things not only about Eleven but also about the big baddie of this season, Vecna.

In the last episode, we really got to know Vecnas origin story. And how 001/One betrayed El into restoring his powers back. However, 001 also previously had been linked with another sinister character infamous for his betrayal. If you guys remember, 001 was also the number of Oh Il-nam.

Just like Vecna, II-nam too befriended the protagonist of the show only to show his true colors at the end and leave the audience and the protagonist with a bitter aftertaste.

Upon identifying this huge similarity between the two blockbusters shows people have started to react to it on Twitter. With many reactions of how they’ll never be able to trust someone with number 1.


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Some of the tweets are.


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Now obviously this doesn’t mean that the two shows exist in the same universe or they are connected in any way. It’s just that this small piece of coincidence really elevates the viewing experience for us all. And is a small detail for fans to enjoy.


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Do you guys think the Duffer Brothers deliberately included this clue? Let us know what you guys think about it.

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